The Aggression Route: A Financial Strategy

Anybody who was not born rich has at some point in their lives been told by somebody else that they need to save a little bit of money from each of their paychecks so that they can be rich when they retire. The only problem with this, slow and passive strategy, is that nobody in their right mind thinks that it is better to be rich decades from now, rather than to be rich in the present. Everybody knows this, but many people stick with a passive investment style just because it’s safe, or because they don’t want to do any research that will help them make more money from investments. If a person does not mind doing some work, and wants to become wealthy while they are still young enough to fully enjoy their wealth, then they need to switch to an aggression investment strategy. 

The difference between a passive investment style, and an aggressive investment style, is in how much money an investor expects to make. A passive investor will typically settle for a return on investment that is a little bit better than inflation. An aggressive investor looks for returns that are much higher. Aggressive investors want to quickly double their money, and sustain this level of return on investment until they decide to stop investing. The difference between a passive investment strategy, and an aggressive investment strategy, can be in the millions and billions. This is why an investment strategy based in the aggression route is right for anybody that wants to live a rich life as quickly as possible.

Since almost everybody wants to be rich, it doesn’t make sense for most of these people to ignore the aggression route, but many people do. People ignore financial strategies centered around aggression routes, because they have been taught to fear them. People are told that aggressive investment strategies are inherently more risky than passive strategies. If a person does not know anything about investing, this is true; but if a person has the knowledge to enter upon an aggressive strategy, there is no reason for them not to embark on it.

Many people believe that it is hard to become an aggressive investor, but in fact it is very easy. It does not take much time for a person to learn how to look for enterprises with above average growth potential, and to properly evaluate them to make sure that they are secure investments. If a person has basic reading comprehension skills, and can do basic math, they can pick good companies to invest in.

The funny thing about an aggressive investment strategy is that if it is done right, it is infinitely safer than a passive style. Recessions are a natural part of the economy. Every decade or so, there is a slump in an industry. In order for a person to truly make sure that recessions don’t affect them, they have to make a lot of money, and aggressively take their finances out of any business that is losing money.

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