disappearing middle class

Is the American Middle Class Disappearing?

Is the American Middle Class Disappearing?   While the US Economy has improved after the recession that is not the whole picture. There are several worrying signs that are a genuine cause for concern. The economy needs a strong working…

Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Financial Goals (And How To Stop Them)

Maintaining a household budget and saving money for the future both require planning and commitment from all family members. The planning stage does not have to be complicated or extensive but it must be realistic and attainable. Gaining commitment from the entire household may be the tougher task but is also the most important feature of successfully reaching a financial goal. Making positive financial changes often seems more difficult than it actually is because of some fairly common bad habits that can damage your finances.

Life Logic: Opening a 401k

A 401K can be an excellent asset for your future and your current lifestyle. A 401K plan is a retirement plan that a great deal of employers offer their employees. The plan will allow you to have a percentage of your paycheck deducted and put into your retirement savings plan. The funds will be deducted before taxes, which gives you a break on your weekly or biweekly taxes. Furthermore, your employer will add money to the fund each time you place money in it. Your employer should tell you how much of a percentage it would add to your plan during the enrollment period. Most employers provide approximately 3 to 6 percent. Therefore, if you put $100 into the plan per week, then your employer may provide you with up to $6 toward your retirement. A 401k plan is an excellent way to build for your future and your children’s future.

Got The Bill Paying Blues- What to Avoid When Paying Your Bills

Paying bills can be a stress inducer for many people. In most situations unless a person is indefinably wealthy, paying bills can bring on a level of stress. But it is important to balance out bill paying and recognize it as a process that is a necessity to life but should not bring about debilitating stress, depression and anxiety. The main goal when addressing bill payments is to lighten up a bit on the stress factor and to realize with each bill paid, there are blessings to be grateful for.

Why You Shouldn’t Depend on Social Security Anymore

If you’re one of those people that intend on relying on social security for their retirement, you shouldn’t. While social security is intended to be used by people when they reach their retirement age, it may not be around for that much longer. In order to properly plan for your retirement years, you should assume that you’ll be paying for it all yourself without depending on social security. Although that may not be desirable for some people, it may be inevitable based on the current data. It’s said that younger workers who have higher-incomes shouldn’t intend on getting the same level of benefits that everyone’s parents and grandparents are receiving. Rates may be even lower by the time the current generation reaches their retirement age, or even may be completely gone again.

Staying Organized: Your Financial Checklist

It might be overwhelming thinking about where to begin to stay organized and keep the financial aspect of a person’s life in order. Using a step by step process will make it a more manageable transition and rewarding experience for everyone involved (i.e. a spouse, family, etc.). When reorganizing the finances it is also the perfect time to refresh any goals, set new priorities and thoroughly review the finances. Take time to learn more about the attitudes everyone shares regarding finances, be sure to resolve any differences, and open the door to family discussions about how to handle money responsibly.

Fast Cash: How To Make Money Quick

There are times in life when you find yourself in need of money in a hurry. Thankfully, there are ways that you can make money quick when that happens. It takes some creativity and sometimes some hard work but it can be done.