Home Improvement That Could Hurt Your Wallet

Since the home remodeling revolution that was ushered in during the housing boom caused a boom in remodeling, it is now common knowledge of which home improvements that could hurt your wallet. This was combined with the proliferation of reality television shows and networks that were focused on home renovation. The flameouts were so epic that people became famous for their folly instead of their expertise in the remodeling field. Because of this, overzealous homeowners found themselves in the middle of projects that were billed by the remodeling industry as easy, cheap and quick to perform, but end up costing the homeowner three or four time their original budget. These budgets were not only overblown and understated, but the value added was negligible. Often, the homeowners succeeded in decreasing their property value by making renovations to areas of the home that produce no return.

For Rent: Do’s and Don’ts of Renting Out Your Space

It is important for people to understand the do’s and don’ts of renting out a space. It can be hard to be a landlord so people need to know the best ways to go about implementing the process. Here are some tips to remember:

Passive Income: What is it and why should you care?

You may have heard the term passive income thrown about, but do you know what it truly means? More importantly, do you understand why you should know all about passive income and why you should be doing whatever it takes to get yours set up today?

Passive Income: Let Someone Else Pay Your Mortgage

Nothing has demonstrated the fragility of jobs more than what we have been through in the past five years. Twenty-three million people unemployed or underemployed is something that even the most obtuse among us cannot ignore. This is not a political statement. It is a fact, and it is irrefutable. Maybe you are one of those 23 million. I can only imagine how losing your job has turned your life upside down. Unemployment compensation cannot replace a paycheck and although it surely helps, it is only available for a defined period. Passive income can be a buffer against such life-changing events.

Passive Income: The Pros and Cons of Rental Income, Part Two

If you are just now joining us in our discussion about making a passive income through rental income (being a landlord), you need to stop your eyeballs in their tracks and go back and read the first part which contains the pros of making income as a landlord. This part is all about the downside to making a passive income by renting out property.

Passive Income: The Pros and Cons of Rental Income, Part One

Have you ever sat down in your home, put up your feet, stretched your arms out behind your head and wondered what it would be like to make money without working for it? Passive income is a form of income that you can make with minimal effort on your part. We’ve already discusses gaining passive income through publishing royalties, but this article is all about gaining a passive income as a landlord.

Passive Income: The Secret of Making Money While you Sleep

It is typical for an ordinary working individual to want extra income. Who would not want to earn extra money to spend or save for the future? Even if you may have all the abilities to handle more than one job, sometimes you just don’t have the time. That is where passive income comes in handy. With passive income, you literally earn extra income without devoting too much time or attention to it, and the sources of passive income are numerous.

Real Estate Investing for Passive Income

Within a few of my writings, I have utilized a 12% and 15% return on investment per year to emphasize how quickly your money can grow with interest. Some of you might think that this was a bit far-fetched and asked that…