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The Ultimate Guru’s Guide to a Coin Operated Car Washes

The Ultimate Guru’s Guide to a Coin Operated Car Wash Coin operated car wash…where do I begin?  This could be the ultimate passive income or the ultimate bust if your startup costs are through the roof.  I often delve as…

eWriting: Self Publishing Your Own Book For Cash

There are thousands of people that have found a way to make good money by publishing e-books and by using e-writing. E-writing is the wave of the future when it comes to writing and selling books. There are many things that a person has to keep in mind when they are deciding on publishing their e-writing. The first thing is that a person has to be willing to invest the time and effort into writing their own book.

How to Help your Friends with Passive Income

Passive income is a financial stream that is derived from little or no extra effort. Most passive income streams are derived from investments, however with the advent of the internet people can also generate passive income from online business ventures. Other ways for generating a passive income includes collecting royalties, fees, taxes and payments from third party sources.

Why You Shouldn’t Depend on Social Security Anymore

If you’re one of those people that intend on relying on social security for their retirement, you shouldn’t. While social security is intended to be used by people when they reach their retirement age, it may not be around for that much longer. In order to properly plan for your retirement years, you should assume that you’ll be paying for it all yourself without depending on social security. Although that may not be desirable for some people, it may be inevitable based on the current data. It’s said that younger workers who have higher-incomes shouldn’t intend on getting the same level of benefits that everyone’s parents and grandparents are receiving. Rates may be even lower by the time the current generation reaches their retirement age, or even may be completely gone again.

10 Jobs Requiring No Experience and How to Get Them

In today’s world landing a job has become more and more difficult, especially for those with little or no experience. However, there are still plenty of jobs available offering on-the-job training, excellent salaries and benefits. Whether a recent high school graduate or a stay-at-home mom looking to re-enter the workforce, there are plenty of opportunities available that are anything but dead-end jobs.

Landing the Job: 10 Questions to Ask At Your Next Interview

So you are hunting for a career and you are not sure what the best way to go about Landing the Job you are after. The job market is very competitive and the interview you are offered is not going to ensure that you will eventually get hired. Is there a smart way to conduct that interview and will you be able to improve your chances of being chosen? Here is a list of questions that applicants should probably be asking during their interview.

Writing For Cash: How to Make Money Through Writing

Writing for cash is something that hundreds of thousands of people do on a daily basis. Some writers treat it as part time work, saving the income or using it for costs outside their monthly budgets. Others work full time as writers in a wide variety of different fields. Answering the question “how to make money through writing” isn’t easy, but for those who want to turn words into cash it pays to do some research.

10 Easy Ways to Diversify Your Income

As this economy tightens our belts with inflation, you may wonder how you can make your money go farther, or be able to save up for retirement. The key to success is approaching these forms of passive income as a learning process and doing as many of them as you can. You may need to set up a goal and list steps or a project management system to manage them in your free time.

Expanding Income: How to Set Up a Home Business

Starting a business is always a great way to make more income. People that desire to make more should take the time to expand their income through the home based business model. This is a great place to start because there is no money that has to be spent on a physical location. This cuts down on operating costs and gives the business a better chance of surviving. People that start up businesses at home are also out of less money in the event that the business fails.