disappearing middle class

Is the American Middle Class Disappearing?

Is the American Middle Class Disappearing?   While the US Economy has improved after the recession that is not the whole picture. There are several worrying signs that are a genuine cause for concern. The economy needs a strong working…

Planning Ahead: My Financial Bucket List

Many people who want to accomplish basic goals often create a bucket list. This list may include many things an individual wants to accomplish before they die. A bucket list can include traveling to offering their time for charities. One thing that many people do not think about is creating a bucket list that will be used to reach specific financial goals. Review a few ideas for a financial bucket list.

Prioritizing Your Life For Financial Success

Economic ups and downs have affected too many people around the world. Job-loss and personal bankruptcy are on the rise, and people’s savings are evaporating. Hundreds of homes are foreclosed every day, and the bad credit is making it hard for people to find an alternative place to stay. This information is to help those people in financial distress and give them a fresh financial start in prioritizing for financial success.

Get Out Of Debt Using Passive Income

How much debt are you in? What is your plan to pay it off? Are you using any passive income strategies? Below is an outline of steps to take in order to dig yourself out of debt as well as some ideas on how to utilize passive incomes to help.