Bloggers Beware: Passive Income on the Rise

The web has become a proverbial madhouse of information, tutorials, and how-to websites as a growing number of people tap into the masses of people seeking guidance on everything under the sun. Blog topics are as varied as the people in this world and seek to occupy a new space in our hearts. Where previous generations would pore over a morning newspaper with ink-stained fingers and a cup of coffee, times have changed. Today’s culture has transformed those impossible-to-refold pages into neat frames on a smart phone or computer screen. The cup of ‘joe’ is packaged to go and most of our catching up on news comes in snippets of information bombarding our poor, easily-distracted brains all day. By the time a newspaper can roll off the presses, its drying ink is out of date and newer news has taken its place.

Online Passive Income

5 Ideas for Online Passive Income Success

The traditional notion of employment is working a nine to five job at an office housed in a downtown skyscraper. The advent of the internet and modern technology has challenged this model and the World Wide Web has opened a lot of ideas for earning alternative revenue. Passive income, in particular, has become very popular. In the beginning, these online ideas will only supplement your main income sources, but with some initial hard work, it can pay off and allow you to have a regular source of income.