Stepping Up: 5 Tips for Getting Promoted

Today’s challenging occupational market requires workers to cultivate personal workplace characteristics that lead to success. Jobs are unique and employers vary, but there are simple actions anyone can take to position themselves for career advancement. Here are 5 tips for getting promoted in any work environment. 


Look around. Listen. Ask questions. The valuable employee understands her corporate surroundings and the company mission. Learn how company roles interact and how the roles complement the big picture. In a fast paced business culture the tendency to give attention only to assigned tasks creates myopia. Pause a moment to gain perspective on how the company works together. Be observant.


Collaboration often becomes a cliche, but that should not diminish its value in a dynamic work environment. Business collaboration is more significant than simply getting along with coworkers. Working together includes seeking contribution from others and developing their ideas. It also incorporates delegation and partnership. The successful individual engages his team to develops a give and take process that assures measurable results.


The key employee hoping to raise up in rank must perform assigned functions with excellence. This requires attention to detail and focus. A high performer will know the end game and follow the assignment through. Execution can vary from job to job, but it will present itself in one form or another. A call center manager may need to answer the inquiries of three disgruntled customers by day’s end. Whereas a VOIP sales person may need four months to complete a sales cycle. Both have to manage their responsibilities to completion to attain achievement. The employee seeking advancement will overcome procrastination and sloppiness, the tandem enemies of execution, and fulfill their goals.

Go Beyond

Everyone can think of a time in life when someone went beyond the call of duty to help them. These small acts of extra effort build momentum for a business. Companies large and small live and die on their reputation because our modern age allows an aggrieved party to voice their complaints to the world via internet review. One call or handwritten note can earn brand loyalty. The prescient worker recognizes the value of a small act that engenders public accolades and takes steps to ensure the concept of going beyond is integrated into his workflow.

Step Up

Getting promoted can hinge on stepping up. A diligent worker is confident in his skills and willing to take risks. He sees value in his team collaboration and personal contributions. He will be proactive in the presentation of his business activities for review. This balanced approach to ambition values achievement, work ethic and leadership while avoiding arrogance and self-promotion. He steps up to challenges and responsibilities that stretch him and his team.Although getting promoted is not an exact science, these 5 tips can prepare you to be a better contributor, a team leader and a future manager in a fast paced business environment.

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