Single Day Jobs: Making Money Quick

There will come a time in the life of most people when they need money quickly. You may have a surprisingly high bill or an unexpected car repair. Maybe you simply need money for a gift. Your demand for extra cash need not be dire to be worthwhile. Luckily there are a number of legitimate ways to make money quick. A single day job is a job that you work for just one day. These are often ‘cash for work’ gigs or contractor employment. The pay will vary greatly. In general, the work will pay slightly better than if the employer were to actually hire an employe to do the job. Employees need to be paid no matter the work load while a contractor is only paid when needed. Single-day jobs have their pluses and minuses for everyone.
Contractors do not receive insurance nor do they need a building to stay in. Contractors benefit from flexible schedules and are able to pick the jobs they take on. Many single day jobs are in farming or landscaping and require a strong back and arms. Typical work would include weeding, harvesting and tending food crops or flower beds. Less strenuous jobs are in advertising. Your employer will often pay you to hold a sign or pass out leaflets. You will be on your feet and in the weather so dress properly. Day labor work is often found through local agencies or posted on job boards.

If you have any particular skills you can use them to your advantage. Take an inventory of your hobbies. Many people will need the services of carpenters, photographers, seamstresses and other skilled work that many do for fun. Don’t limit yourself to just skilled work. Fishermen can rent out their boats and knowledge of fishing spots. Animal lovers can pet sit and walk dogs. Musicians can give lessons. These single-day jobs can even offer income on a regular basis. The best way to get into skilled day work is to bring the work to you. Advertise your services locally on job boards, online or even on flyers around your community. Be sure to follow any local laws relating to running a small business while you rake in your new income.

Lastly, you can turn to the internet for single-day jobs. Today there are a number of individuals and companies looking to hire people for very short-term work. Many of these jobs can be found by searching for freelance work. People today use freelancers to do everything from designing websites to ghost writing books. In fact, freelance writing is a very popular way to make extra money in your spare time. To get started writing you need good basic writing skills and the temperament to work on a deadline.

No matter your skill set you can make money quickly. Extra cash is out there waiting to be made by the right person. All it takes is a bit of preparation and your willingness to work.

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