Right Out of High School: Five Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Job markets are always changing. There are many professions that don’t require candidates to have a college degree. Experience is the foundation of most careers. There are opportunities for high school graduates no matter how recent they left high school. Here are five jobs that do not require the individual to have more than a high school diploma or a

G.E.D.Computer Systems Analyst

The job of a computer systems analyst is to simply look after and analyze computer systems of companies. IT support and troubleshooting are a part of the profession. The ob involves creating templates from scratch, contract or service billing and other tasks that only require some training or volunteer experience. Computer systems analysts can work for various organizations. The average salary for this job is about $84,000.

Insurance Agent

Insurance agents organize appointments with clients to collect the information needed to assist them in making goals, investments or to extend insurance coverage. This position does not require a degree. The tasks related to the job are learned through trial and error. Insurance agents can work in any field as an advisor and there are opportunities to move up in salary. The median salary for this position is from $36,000 to $103,000.

Online Advertising Manager

Online Advertising Managers specialize in creating and pushing advertising campaigns. The desired result of an online advertising manager’s job is an increase in consumers for the company’s product or service. Anyone can have this job without a college degree. Creativity and some computer knowledge are the only real requirements for the job. Online advertising managers can start as regular advertising consultants before reaching the managerial position. The average salary is between $67,191 and $99,863.

Wholesales Sales Representative

Wholesale companies need sales representatives just as much as any other business or start-up. Wholesale sales reps are responsible for navigating computer systems and maintaining customer focus for products and services. Wholesales sales representatives have a large selection of wholesale distribution centers they can work for. The median salary for this position is $56,620.

Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent is another position that does not require a college degree. Agents give clients financial information and other data about the property. They give tours on many homes up for sale, and they help individuals decide what is the best property to buy. The average salary for real estate agents is $39,070.

It is possible to have a start in many careers without a degree. Individuals who are straight from high school can be ahead of college students who think they have to earn a degree before even applying for certain jobs.

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