Got The Bill Paying Blues: What to Avoid When Paying Your Bills

Paying bills can be a stress inducer for many people. In most situations unless a person is indefinably wealthy, paying bills can bring on a level of stress. But it is important to balance out bill paying and recognize it as a process that is a necessity to life but should not bring about debilitating stress, depression and anxiety. The main goal when addressing bill payments is to lighten up a bit on the stress factor and to realize with each bill paid, there are blessings to be grateful for.In most cases, bills are expenses for things that are important for everyday living. So when the basic bill is paid it can be very helpful to be especially thankful that you have the wherewithal to provide for your basic needs. Instead of feeling depressed and overwhelmed, try to be appreciative that you are capable of paying for your housing needs and other basic necessities.One great way to ensure that bill paying is not overly stressful or depressing is to not over buy unnecessary items and to not overpay for the things you use. Often people who are stressed over their bills find themselves in a little over their head from expending money on things that they could cut back on or by not shopping wisely.

For example, utilities such as cable, phone and Internet expenses can be significantly reduced by bundling these services with one provider. Cable costs can be significantly reduced by having less channels and using the Internet or movie services like Redbox or Netflix to supplement. The same applies to cell phone services. Cell phone costs can be significantly reduced by getting a cheaper cell phone provider that offers the same services for less money. In many cases the service provider may even use the same high quality network as the name brand provider at a fraction of the cost. Shopping around for auto insurance coverage and other services can also provide significant savings as well.

Monthly food, paper goods, cleaning products, toiletries and cosmetics can cost significantly less if you shop around for better prices and coupons. Both the local Sunday papers and the Internet are great sources for finding coupons that can literally save a consumer hundreds of dollars each month on their food and grocery bills. Coupons are a perfect example of a “common sense” approach to saving. Just a click of a button and instant savings.

As for other purchases that are considered extras, it is good to remember that buying a product or service on sale is of little value if the cost of purchasing it is higher than the amount saved. That means that for people who end up overdrawing their bank accounts or exceed their charge card limits soon realize they have lost money rather than gained when the fees are applied to their expenses. Another great way to reduce the depression of bill paying is to find ways to have fun without spending money so that at the end of the month when the bill paying starts, you can feel good that you spent less money on things that are unnecessary and have lessened the burden of paying your bills.

As an additional note, when paying bills it is advisable not to drink alcohol or take medications that can compromise your mental ability. Making errors while paying bills can be costly which can significantly throw off a budget. A good time to pay bills is during quiet moments that are free from stresses, an altered state of mind or fatigue. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly.

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