Creating a Passive Income With Your Blog (Part 1)

Blogging is typically a ton of work, but what if I told you that you could run a blog almost 100% passively and make more than $1,000 per month? Would you believe me? If someone would have told me that a year ago, I would have thought they were crazy.

After all, think of all the things that go into a blog. You need to write an article about every other day, set up the SEO, put the article on your Facebook account, Tweet the article, answer emails, deal with advertisers, and constantly handle the millions of minute issues that you would have never thought about before your blogging days began. That’s a lot of stuff, right? So how on earth can I make the claim that all of this can become passive? Believe me, it’s possible, and I’m on my way to proving it with my blogs.

This Won’t Happen Overnight

Before I dig into the details, I want to make sure I’m absolutely clear about one thing, THIS CANNOT BE DONE IN JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS. Creating a passive income with a blog can take months, or perhaps even years, but the benefits are out of this world. Stick with me and I’ll teach you everything that there is to know about creating a passive income with your blog.

You Are The Proud Owner of a Blog

So you started your own blog, huh? That is an excellent move on your part. But, believe it or not, the next step is NOT making that blog passive. Nope. The first step is to build up an insane amount of traffic. If you write consistent, quality content (with solid SEO), and you are active in the blog forums, you will most definitely get more eyeballs on your blog pages. And, the more eyes you get onto your pages, the more potential income you will generate.

You’ve Got The Income, Now It’s Time to Make More

I started my first blog almost 2 years ago. It hardly earned any money in the beginning (which was expected), but it soon grew into a well-respected personal finance blog and was consistently earning $1,500+ every month. I was under the delusion that my blog would continue earning more and more money, but in the reality of blogging, this is pretty much the peak (consistent) income level for a single blog. Of course, some blogs do earn more than this, but it’s quite rare, and one probably shouldn’t depend it.

So, I have one successful blog that has peaked out its earnings potential – how in the world do I earn more? You’ve got it, let’s start another one! If I can earn $1,500 each month with one, then I should be able to earn $3,000 a month with two.

I figured, why stop at 2? So, I started 3 more blogs to make a total of 4. My potential earnings were $6,000 per month. Guess what happened? My plan failed miserably. My first blog continues to earn a consistent income (because I know that I need to keep it going if I want to see any money in the future), and my second blog has earned about $200 per month, but my third blog is dying (basically before anyone even knew it existed), and my fourth blog was never built! There just wasn’t enough time in a day to run all four blogs by myself. It was killing me, and all that work wasn’t really earning me any extra money either. I needed a better plan. I needed help!

What Would You Have Done?

I think the majority of people would have just sold off the 3 extra sites and grown complacent with their first site that was making them the dinero in the first place, but not me. From my past experiences, I knew two things:

  1. If I would have thrown in the towel on my other blogs, a little piece of me would have died, and I would have never been happy with my $1,500 from my 60 hours of work.
  2. Almost every business can be turned passive. All you need is a trustworthy team of people and a system that guides them.

My Decision to Press Forward With My Sites

After contemplating my options, I decided that I would continue on with all of my sites, and I would do it by creating a passive income.

(The 2nd portion of this article will be posted on Monday, June 25. I will then reveal the plan that is taking my blogs from incredibly manual to nearly 100% passive, and I’ll soon be earning well over the $1,500 that I was making just a few months ago)

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