Changing Mindsets: Switching from Short-Term to Long-Term Thinking for Finances

Creating wealth is more of a marathon then a sprint. While cases of people quickly accumulating wealth no doubt exist, these stories are the exception rather than the norm. Unfortunately, these stories are overly publicized which often gives observers a bad idea regarding how to become wealthy. Coming to accept that quick access to money is not common is an integral step along the path towards putting yourself on a sound financial footing. This article will attempt to put you on a sound footing financially by identifying ways that you can concentrate more on the long-term picture with finances rather than short-term gains.

Having an overall plan for gaining wealth is an integral part of this process. Having said that, your plan should be realizable and practical with steps that can be undertaken to bring your plan to fruition. Deciding that you are planning on winning the lottery is not a reasonable goal for yourself. While this is an extreme case, many people build unreasonable gains into their projections including salary raises that are not typical in their profession and market gains that are the exception rather than the norm. When planning out your plan for gaining wealth take a long-term view centered on actionable steps that you can undertake to get to where you need to go.

For example, if you are planning on gaining wealth by starting a business, consider how you are planning on gaining the seed capital to start the business. What are the prospects for the business and how do you hope to gain money through this business model. What are the risks and opportunities in the business and how can this translate towards earning money for yourself.

Many individuals concentrate on improving the inflows of money but do nothing to monitor the outflows of money from your accounts. Since wealth is added to your savings by taking your income and reducing it by any expenses you may have, you will be significantly wealthier by reducing many of your expenses. Preparing a budget is an essential part of gaining long-term financial independence. Start by monitoring what you spend money on and then look for ways to streamline your finances. Small reductions in expenses in one year may translate to large gains over a lifetime. In addition, you will have additional investment capital that you can invest and earn additional amounts on over a longer period of time which provides for a more sustainable source of wealth.

When making investments with your investment capital you should try to take a longer term perspective as well. Day trading can yield you significant profits, but can also lead to significant losses. Having a long-term perspective is more beneficial in investing. Over a period of time, most investments increase in amount due to inflation. Have a wide portfolio of investments in stable companies in varying industries and yield the rewards of long-term gains as a result. Studies have shown that investing in this manner often yields higher returns than other forms of trading.

A long-term perspective is generally considered more beneficial for individuals looking to gain wealth. In addition, it is typically considered to be a more sustainable source of wealth and is a more reasonable course of action for those looking to gain wealth over time.

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