Job Ready

These days, the job market is extremely tough. Many exceptionally qualified individuals are finding that they are simply unable to find work due to the massive influx of applicants. While this influx of applicants may make things more difficult when you’re hunting for a job, all is not lost. In fact, all you need to do is spend a little time making sure you are easy to find on the Internet. There are a number of important reasons for this, and this is something that you should really take to heart. Never underestimate the power of your online reputation when you are looking for a job.

You really just have to look at this like a hiring manager to understand it. Hiring managers can often get dozens, if not hundreds of resumes for every job they post. With all of the candidates looking for work, hiring managers can afford to be a little picky about the type of person they hire. Often, they’ll make a short list of people they are considering for the job after glancing at resumes. However, after they set this list aside they will also start to look these names up on the Internet.

If someone looked you up online, what would they find? Would they see pages full of amazing information about you and your life, or would they find a few snippets here and there about you? If someone looks you up online and see lots of amazing content telling your life story, you look like you’ve made a real impact on the world. This makes you look better to the hiring manager, and it can go a long way toward helping you get that interview. If you are wondering how to get your name out there like this, there is one very simple method you should consider: reputation management companies.

Reputation management companies like can do a lot to help you in this area. You may be asking yourself “What is What can a company like this do?” Well, this company and others like it are staffed with specialists who know how to get your name everywhere you want it to be. If you want your name associated with professionalism and character, then you should take the time to talk with a reputation management professional. They can help ensure that when a hiring manager looks you up on the Internet, he or she will be excited to contact you.


All or Nothing: Gambling and Finances

Gambling and finances are strongly correlated in that they rise and fall simultaneously. Furthermore, gambling can have negative implications towards one’s financial situation. It doesn’t take a lot of losing streaks on the roulette table or slot machine to send your financial safety rolling downhill. For the casino lovers and financial activists alike, here is how you can manage both worlds without possibly ruining your future for the long haul. The “All or Nothing” attitude in gambling is both dangerous and potentially profitable. There are only two possible outcomes – you win or you lose. Sadly, casinos and other gambling venues won’t just let you take their money. There is always a slight advantage to the house, and that is what’s keeping casinos thriving. Knowing this fact is important as it instills a mindset of protecting your capital and limiting the risk as much as possible.

Becoming financially responsible is the next step to beating that gambler attitude. You should practice sound money management and plan ahead for regular expenses. Properly managing your personal cash flow is key to surviving such rough economic times. Cutting back on expenses and limiting your purchases to necessities is an example of an effective method to balance your gambling and finance-related goals.

Limit your gambling activity, especially when you have a limited supply of money. Avoid browsing online casinos or driving by your nearest poker house. Whenever you feel the urge to make bets, distract your mind with something else. It could be a sport or your pet cat. Limiting your gambling activity limits the inherent risk of losing money in such prospects.

Invest. Although some people would say that investing in financial instruments like stocks and bonds are somewhat a form of gambling because you can’t be entirely sure that it is going to be profitable, investing is much safer than just relying on sheer dumb luck and hoping for the dice to roll in your favor. There are tons of investing-related articles and resources you can find on the Internet. You can also attend free short courses that tackle smart investing.

Keep in mind that while gambling and finances are strongly correlated, the two have entirely different approaches to money making. Gambling, as said on the title, is an all or nothing game. Meanwhile, finance management and investing is a slow but consistent process that will take years to establish and be completely comfortable of handling.

Learning how to control gambling while simultaneously grasping the concepts of finance management will enable you to live a more secure lifestyle later on. Be sure to involve your family when practicing money management strategies to make it easier for you to accomplish your specific goals.


Earning a Passive Income With a Laundromat

Have you ever noticed the only people in a laundromat are those spending money washing and drying their clothes?  I have and my mind instantly went into business mode with my first thoughts being minimal monthly expenses and no employees.  Those two factors convinced me this long-standing and low-risk business model and is still earning a passive income for many owners in 2017. Then I did some research…

Below are a few positive factors relating to this industry I found while reading the Coin Laundry Association’s website

  • The industry is 70 years old and has steadily grown since inception
  • Currently around 29,500 laundromats open in the US
  • Recession-proof
  • Does $5 Billion a year in gross revenue
  • Income averages from $15,000 to $300,000 a year
  • No authority franchises

Stats like that get me excited!

The first 2 things I look for in a business are: Is it proven and can it be replicated.  If 70 years of steady growth didn’t answer that question (which it did) then this will. The market is expected to grow even faster!!!  Due to mortgage loans increasingly becoming harder to obtain, approximately 35% of Americans are renters; therefore builders are constantly constructing multiplexes to keep up with the huge demand.  Why do I mention these facts?  While the CLA says laundromats can operate anywhere, they also state densely populated areas with a high number of renters is a perfect location.  In order to determine if this growing industry will bring sufficient passive income to justify moving forward let’s look at a hypothetical scenario of opening a laundromat in the Midwest.

If we opened a laundromat in Ohio how much monthly passive income would it bring in?

Start-up Costs

BUILDING:  The average size laundromat is around 2,000 square feet which rents for around $60,000 a year in Ohio. In that size store you can expect to fit anywhere from 20 to 30 coin operated washing machines and another 20 to 30 coin operated dryers. Purchasing all the equipment for your new laundromat will be the largest up-front expense AND the most work you’ll EVER need to put into this business.

MACHINES:  When bought in bulk, debit/credit card operated washers and dryers cost approximately $800 each and the standard coin-operated machines go for around $500.  Going with the card operated machine would be a no brainer for me considering we live in a world where cash (especially coins) are used less and less each year.

SEWAGE HOOK-UP:  Then you must consider the cost of connecting the washing machines to the local sewer system in your town.  This can cost upwards of $200 per washer according to Entrepreneur Magazine .  Since no two municipalities are the same, making an educated guess with any accuracy is impossible so we are going to assume the worst-case scenario and say it will cost $200 per machine or $4,000 total.

Note: Always assume worst-case scenario with little information

Total Up-front cost = $21,858

Building deposit = $1,858

Machine Cost = $16,000

Sewage Hook-up = $4,000

*Note*  If you have a credit score above 660 and some assets you can get a loan for the $21, 858 at 6% interest which is approximately $390.00 a month.  If this isn’t and option, there are companies that lease these machines on a monthly basis…

Potential Income

Based on information from the Coin Laundry Association ( ), a washer is used between 3 – 8 times a day with the nationwide average cost per turn being $2.50.  Dryers typically bring in 40% – 60% of total washer revenue. For the purposes of this hypothetical, we’ll assume washers get 4 turns per day and dryers account for 50% of total washer revenue.

Are We Turning A Profit?

Monthly Income:

  • Washing = $9,000 (4 turns per machine equals $300/day x 30 days)
  • Drying = $4,500 (50% of washer revenue

Monthly Expenses:

  • Leasing a building = $5,000 per month
  • Loan repayment Note: $390
  • Hiring a person to collect the money = $300 (1 hour a day x 30 days)
  • Utilities: (electricity, water, etc.) = $4,000

Monthly Income = $13,500

Monthly Expenses = $9,690

Potential Profit: $3,810 per month or $45,720 per year

That’s more than the average American’s salary and its passive income to you!  You will have to take into consideration the possibility of incidental expenses popping up.  Assume 20% will be lost due to these unplanned expenses, the annual income is $36,500 a year.  If you don’t have the credit or money to open a 40-machine store; start smaller.  If expenses and income are cut in half, you’re still left with $18,250 in profit at a start-up cost of around $10,000. Good luck and go make some money!!

Take action or gather more research with this Resource

The opportunity here is amazing! If you’d like to begin the process of earning excellent passive income from a laundromat go for it! also provides phone assistance and guidance to help start everything you need. The first thing you need to do hire a professional to write you a well thought out business plan.  There are plenty of resources for this service on the internet. Our friends at being one can provide you with exceptional service starting an LLC for $69.00 plus state fees. The minimum for a lawyer to assist you in this is $200.00.