The Ultimate Guru’s Guide to a Coin Operated Car Washes

Coin operated car wash…where do I begin?  This could be the ultimate passive income or the ultimate bust if your startup costs are through the roof.  I often delve as deeply into a business as I can, to attempt to locate the passive income opportunities, which most entrepreneurs just past by, because they think either they are “too hard,” or “not worth my time.”  This is why I’ve looked so deeply and so hard at a coin operated car wash.

Coin Operated Car Wash – True Passive Income?

Are coin operated car washes completely passive?  The real answer is, no.  Completely passive car wash income would mean you would never touch anything involved in the business and you could sit back and relax.  Car washes need repairs and always will need someone to refill supplies and remove all the coins which are deposited.  For a brick and mortar business however, a coin operated car wash is probably the closest to a passive income as you can create and not have to be hands on every single day.

Car Wash Passion

In a large population of the United States, having a clean, gleaming vehicle which was just washed is the ultimate satisfaction.  There is a sense of pride about having the nicest and looking vehicle for a lot of the world and the coin operated car wash business can will capitalize on the huge market.  There are two things you can count on for your consumer market: First one, time is money, and the quicker a task can be completed the better it is and Two, people will pay good money for upgrades and add-on services which are easy to choose from.  You will always have folks who want to do it themselves, and that is fine, these people are not your target market.

Coin Operated Car Wash Target Market

As shown above, people pay for time and for add-on services.  Your target market includes, young adults who work a lot of hours, the middle age population who has a family, practices, and work, and the elderly market, who do not have the ability to do the work themselves.  This is who you should advertise to exclusively.  Do not try to force someone who washes their car on their own to switch, because they don’t trust a car wash.  Either because of the rumor that car washes cause damage, or they believe they can do a better job.  If you want to go after your main target market, find a location which is central to things like, shopping malls, grocery stores, and strip malls.  Your customers will also be customers at the other locations.

Finding the Perfect Location

Like I said above, look for locations which are close to large grocery stores, malls, and strip malls which are heavily traveled.  You want a main road in a city with a moderate population.  Your coin operated car wash business needs to have convenience written all over it.  It needs to be easily accessible as well as easy to leave once the car wash is completed.  There also needs to be a large staging in the parking lot where a customer can park and inspect and look over the great service you just provided.  Remember, you also need to have enough space to allow cars to park bumper to bumper for a large amount of distance, because the last thing you want is someone to pass by your business because the line is too long.  That is a lost sale and will only hurt you in the long run, because they will just go to your next competitor.

Best States for a Coin Operated Car Wash Business

My advice is look into your weather surroundings.  The middle of the United States is known for snow as well as sunny nice weather in the spring and summer.  Snow is great if the state uses salt to treat the roads, because the first nice batch of weather you get, the car washes will be flooded with business.  The downside you run into is once the weather gets extreme and below freezing, good luck keeping your doors open.  If there is an extremely cold winter, you could be looking at a 3-6 month shut down with no income producing business from your car wash.

What about the south, like Florida?  Your customer market is filled with retiree’s and the weather is mostly warm year round.  Your could essentially run your business 12 months out of the year and have income from your coin operated car wash business.  One huge downfall is, everyone other business has already flooded the market based off the factors I just told you.  Everyone knows warm weather and keeping open a car wash business would be perfect for your monthly income, but your other downfall is, you have to stand out against your competition, either with an endless amount of advertising or going to a smaller city.  Not my idea of the perfect situation.

My ultimate location is from Tennessee and a little south and here’s why.  Hot or warm weather for approximately 75% of the year.  The winters normally are not huge in terms of snowfall, however if there is snow on the ground, they typically use salt.  There is usually a break in the weather even in the winters where a coin operated car wash could still do business and clean all the car destroying salt off.  These states in the surrounding areas have a ton of businesses including some major tourist towns which can lure in customers from other states which you wouldn’t normally have access to.

But remember do your research, find the location that is best for you, because I’m not running your business and I don’t own it.

Initial Cost of a Coin Operated Car Wash

There are two routes to look at when you are looking for a car wash, a brand new build, or an established business who is looking to sell all of the assets.

The initial cost of a brand new coin operated car wash, based off my original estimates are anywhere from $500,000 to upwards of $2,000,000.  For my entrepreneurs, these numbers are painful to look at, and securing a jumbo loan, would require a significant amount of cash and assets to secure any where close to that.  I truly do not believe this will be a worthwhile investment to build a brand new building.  The money doesn’t even factor in the amount of time to find a new location, pay a Realtor, secure the proper zoning for your business and also the amount of time you will take to work with an engineer to get everything up and running.  You also need to remember that your business and creating any passive income will be on hold until you can actually get your business up and running.  Any additional delays will also push back your profitability mark.

My advice is it look for the used and established business.  A lot of people don’t like the word “used” because it seems like its damaged or not worth it.  But if you have a well maintained business with good owners and a great location, buying assets at a discounted rate, can get you to your profitability goal quicker.  Costs may vary state by state and also on what size you actually are purchasing for a car wash, but estimates show you could purchase a used coin operated car wash business for between $250,000 to possibly $1,100,000.  Even though those numbers still seem large, they are more attainable than the first estimates.

Some positives of purchasing an established business is they can show you the business numbers.  They can show the average number of customer transactions per day.  The average amount per check the customers pay.  What options and add-ons the customers purchase most frequently.

It is great to see what the other business owners show you, but always be cautious.  Hire a CPA or an accountant and comb through the business figures with a fine tooth comp.  Coin operated cash washes by name are a cash heavy business.  Financials can be hidden and money used for poor business practices which does nothing more than hurt the new owners.

Recurring Monthly Costs of a Coin Operated Car Wash

Water.  The water company is not your friend, and they don’t want to be yours.  You are at the mercy of the water company and the rates they wish to charge. If they pass a bill to raise the cost per gallon, your overhead costs for your business automatically increase.

Electricity.  The same statement applies to electricity.  If the company wants to increase your rates, they can, and there is nothing you can do to stop them.  The more cars you service the higher your electricity and water bill will be every month.

Soap, Wax, Preventative Maintenance, and money Pickups. Your costs will vary, I can’t give you an exact number because different companies charge different amounts.  If you have an exclusive contract with someone to use only one type of soap and one type of wax, you may get a discount.  Preventative maintenance will depend on what types of machines you service and how many you have in service currently.  Money pickups will depend based off if the business owner decides to pick up the money, count it and deposit it.  Or if the business owner picks it up, takes it to a bank and has the bank count it for them.

The initial estimates about costs per car that you provide service for is roughly $0.55 to $0.65, however it can go higher depending on your overhead expenses.  Making your coin operated car wash business as passive as possible will assist you in keeping your costs. down.

Overcoming the Profit Hump

How many cars would you need to service to create a profitable coin operated car wash business?

Lets say your initial business loan amount is $500,000.  Your payment per month is roughly $4,680.00 and you actually run the entire business by yourself with no additional workers.  Your base car wash is $7.00.  Now if you want to make your business actually reach a profit every single month you would need a total of 727 vehicles to complete a service treatment every single month.

Sound like a lot?  Not really.  That is approximately 1 car per hour!  During the day time hours during the summer this should be easily attainable, and if you are open for 75% of the year it should be a no brainer.  If the business averages three cars per hours your net income before expenses would be $20,160.00 per month.  Minus your loan payment, and minus your expenses you are looking at roughly $13,896.00 in profit if you are dedicated to keeping your expenses low.  Per year in profit alone, if you were open 75% of the year, that would be $125,000 in profit.  Not a bad living if I do say so myself.

Remember the statement I said about add-ons earlier in the article?  I based by estimates off of a basic car wash.  What if you had a coin operated car wash that had upgraded features, like under carriage washing, or an additional wax upgrade feature to a brand name wax?  Those would automatically raise your bottom line and help you create an even more profitable business.

Even though this business is not 100% passive, for $125,000+ a year, I could work between 2-4 days a week for maybe 3-4 hours each of those days and have a pretty relaxing lifestyle.

Maybe you should rethink your life choices?  or maybe jump on it and buy a used coin operated car wash now!


Passive Income Selling Tickets

While highly unorthodox, I have stumbled across another potential source of passive income. While not purely passive, it is pretty close to it. The other day I was looking to buy sports tickets for me and another person. I really wanted to go to the game, but I couldn’t believe how early the tickets were sold out. As it turns out, most of the tickets for this team sell out right after they go on sale. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them though. Instead, you have to buy them second hand through another site. While I was originally frustrated that this happened, I then became intrigued about how people make money buying and selling tickets.

How People Make Money Buying/Selling Tickets

In case it isn’t already obvious, people make easy money by buying tickets early when they are inexpensive and selling them later at a higher cost, when the tickets are in higher demand. It’s not exactly rocket science, but it can be a lot of work to research the going rate. Paying too much for a ticket can be a costly error and eat into your profits. You can also make an error of buying what you think will be popular (for example, one direction tickets) and then coming to find out that interest has waned. Thus, while it may seem pretty easy to earn some quick cash, it takes some knowledge of popular culture.

How Much Money Can Someone Make?

While I don’t know anyone who has successfully made a living, I did a few calculations based on the increase in prices on the tickets that I was looking at:

Original Price of Tickets: $30

Markup Price: $75

Difference: $45

Number of Tickets Purchased: 100

Total Profit: $4500

While I imagine that those who do this for a living will buy more than 100 tickets, with even this small amount of income, someone can earn $4,500. The one thing to note is that it does take an upfront investment. Someone buying 100 tickets at $30, will have to spend $3,000. If they are able to sell all of their tickets at $75, that isn’t a bad return at all.


Career Aptitude: Choosing the Right Career For You

Finding a career that is best fit to your personality or making a career change can be daunting. A career is something you’ll not only enjoy doing but something you’ll spend years of your life working with.

Finding Your Passion
What exactly are you passionate about? What drives you? A career aptitude test can give you a sense of what your passion is in life and what kind of career you would feel most comfortable doing. Some people never realize their passionate about something until they do it for the first time.

You would honestly be surprised at what you enjoy doing. I’m not saying you have to go backpacking through a foreign land but you just need to discover yourself to find out what it is you truly love doing. A career isn’t just an opportunity to make money. People rarely devote their life to a career because of the money.

Attend Job Fairs And Conventions
Attending job fairs gives you a great opportunity to connect with people in your field of interest. You’ll also be able to network with people in respective fields that you may be interested in. Finding your ideal career aptitude won’t happen overnight and it probably won’t happen at the very first job fair you go to.

It takes years of soul searching for some people to find their ideal career.

Be Honest With Yourself
What can you honestly see yourself doing? You don’t want to be one of those people who wakes up when they’re 40 and realizes they’ve spent years of their life doing something they hate. Some people even go with careers that they hate until they retire because they never took the time to travel down a different path.

Life is a highway with unlimited paths and the only limiting factor is yourself.

Career Aptitude Tests
These are specially designed tests to help you figure out what you should be doing in life. Some of them are fairly more accurate than others depending on where you take them. It would also be a wise decision to take more than one from multiple sources.

There are a large number of online resources to take these tests for free. You may also find employment tests at your local employment agency or job fair.

Make A List – Check It Twice
Write down a list of everything you enjoy doing. Write down everything you can see yourself making a career out of.

Make a pros and cons section for every single item on that list. You would be surprised to see what kind of cons you may come up with something you thought you enjoyed. A lot of career fields have no problem with letting interested candidates job shadow someone. Law enforcement agencies get shadowed all the time by students and academy recruits.

Consider any potential career choice carefully and make sure you think it through. Any career choice you consider needs to be something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your working life.


5 Reasons why Passive Income is too Good to be True

As human being you naturally want more of the things that make you happy. One of those things is financial freedom and never having to worry about how to make ends meet each month. Another goal in life is to be able to reduce your working hours so that you will be able to spend more time with your family and be an active participant in your children’s lives. In a perfect world, you would do as little work as possible while earning enough to support the lifestyle that you and your family want. This is where passive income can play a role.

People have been spouting good things about passive income. The internet has allowed people to earn a supplementary income through writing eBooks, doing Clickbank, and earning revenue from ads placed on their blogs and websites. Some even claimed to have quit their regular jobs and have just focused on passively earning enough to support their lifestyle.

Is that really possible or is it just a fairy tale? Here are some reasons why some experts believe that passive income is just too good to be true.

1. Does passive income really exist?

This is the question that is foremost in everybody’s mind. Does the idea of passive income really exist in this world? Is it truly possible to earn money without doing little or any work at all? To a point, there really is passive income such as collecting rent money or earning from investments other businesses. However, it is believed by having little involvement with these revenue streams, you are sacrificing the potential to earn a much higher income. With little involvement comes little control. This increases the risk factors of these streams.

2. It takes more work than you had initially estimated.

Being an internet entrepreneur or a freelancer takes a lot more work than you think. It’s not a sit back and just relax job. The truth is far from that. Those who make a living off the internet may take years before they can get to a level where they can enjoy a regular income from online work. It does take a lot of work to set up a blog or a website, to maintain it and drive enough traffic to it. Building a reputation and status of credibility takes years. If you are selling a product like an eBook, having it on the market is not the end of it. You have to promote it and use some savvy digital marketing to convince people to buy whatever it is you are selling.

3. Some passive income streams need large capital infusion.

Let’s say you want to have to enjoy the freedom of simply collecting rental income and living your life from that revenue. You have to first invest in the property. Buying properties that you can rent out takes a lot of money. You will definitely max out your savings and may have to take out a loan to be able to afford the price tag of these properties. If you want to be a silent partner in a company, you would have to put up a stake in that company. This is not a get rich quick scheme.

4. You open yourself to the risk of some financial loss.

Risk is inherent in anything you do. However, with the idea of passive income comes little control over money matters. You may actually put yourself in a position of higher risk. When you invest in a property, you do not know if five years from, the value of that property will be more than what you paid for it. If the industry tanks, your investment will lose value. For internet entrepreneurs, you might have to give your first eBook or application for free to gain a following. The man hours you spent on that will not be compensated.

5. You can get scammed.

The desire for a get rich quick scheme has opened you to scammers. These people will prey on your dreams and goals. Thus you can see so many passive income ideas on the internet that are cleverly disguised scams. The financial world is riddled with Ponzi schemes as well. It’s a vicious cycle, but that’s life.

What Do You Think?

Do you think that passive income is too good to be true? Have you successfully used a form of passive income to increase your wealth?


Passive Income: So, You’ve Won the Lottery?!

If you’re anything like hundreds of millions of American fortune seekers, you’ve spent at least $10 in the last year on a pack of Mega Millions lottery tickets. Within the last year, there have been over a thousand million dollars in payouts to people who’ve found their lucky stride and hit the jackpot. If you don’t play the lottery, you are probably playing it smart. The chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 175,000,000,000, which means you are more likely to die as a result of being left handed, or killed by a malfunctioning vending machine—yeah, it’s that unlikely.

If you ARE one of the lucky ones who actually strike it rich through the lottery, there are a few things you should consider when dealing with your new found passive income.
Win with the Winnings

Congratulations! You’ve just hit the jackpot and won millions of dollars in passive income. Now that you have more money than you ever thought you’d have you have some decisions to make. No, these decisions do not include how many bedrooms your mansion should have, and the first decisions you make need to include whether you’re going to take the annual stipend or if you’ll take the lump sum (less the taxes and fees). You also have to consider how you’re going to protect your winnings from the dreaded lottery curse. The lottery curse is the curse that hits lottery winners who don’t know anything about financial planning. If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, you shouldn’t fall into this category.

Before you go spending your money like your wallet’s on fire, you need to sit down with a financial planner and go over your options. You need to put some of your winnings back for investing (so that your money grow), you need to pay off any debt you accrued before winning, and you need to make sure to pay the taxes on your winnings (we cover that in the next section) before you start spending your winnings.

Don’t let the lottery curse drive you to spend recklessly and leave you broke and living in a motor home only a year after your windfall.

Uncle Sam Will Come a Knockin’

The lottery is one of the many ways states make money (take money) from their citizens. A percentage of every dollar you spend on lottery tickets goes to the state, which helps pay for supplemental programs that help provide for state education or to support the elderly.

Not only does the state take a cut of every ticket sold, they also take a percentage of your winnings. The percentage of income taxes on lottery winnings differs by state. If you live in California, Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, or Washington, you’re lucky because they do not impose a tax on your winnings. If your state does tax your lottery winnings, it can run anywhere from 3.4% to 10.08%. Picture this—you’ve just won $5 million dollars. If you live in Idaho you will end up handing over $390,000,000 in taxes to the state. Keep in mind that this amount does NOT include Federal Income taxes,which will depend on your income for the year. Chances are that if you win the lottery, you’ll get bumped up several income brackets and end up paying 30% or more in Federal income taxes, which doesn’t seem fair does it?

While winning the lottery is a great way to make a passive income, you need to consider that there are a lot of hassles involved in getting that much money so quickly. Yes, being able to buy all of the things you’ve dreamed of owning must be nice, but you’ll also have to deal with all the odd people who will crawl from the woodwork in order to get their hands on some of their own passive income.

Your chances of winning the lottery are slim, but if you do win, you can live a long and happy life with this unlikely form of passive income.

Have you ever won the lottery? Big or small. Do you know someone who has? What happened?


4 Benefits of Moving to a Rural Community

When deciding where to live and/or start your family, there are a lot of different choices that you have at your disposal. Some people opt to buy a home and live in the hustle and bustle of a large city, while others choose a simpler existence in a small town or rural community.

While being in a big city is often more convenient and can provide easier access to many different amenities, don’t overlook the benefits of living in a small town. This article will take a look at a couple of the biggest benefits of moving to (and living in) a rural community.

A Strong Sense of Community

While you might have some connection with your neighbors in a big city, it is unlikely you will have the type of connection that people in a rural community do. If you are in a small area with the same small amount of people for months or years, you begin to develop a bond.

Not only will you be friends with more people, but you will also inherently have more trust in those around you than you would if you lived in a big city. In small communities, people will come together to help their neighbors and are normally quite supportive of one another. People are often happier in smaller towns, as well.

A Lower Cost of Living

Living in a big city can be quite expensive. Driving or taking public transit definitely costs more in a big city, and land/homes are much more expensive in the city. As a result, you will likely spend less money each month in bills, as transportation and shelter will often be more affordable in rural communities.

However, not everything is cheaper in small towns. Oftentimes, groceries will actually be more expensive as stores can set prices higher due to the low amount of competition compared to a  big city, where shoppers have dozens of options so stores need to be competitive.

You Might Qualify for a USDA Home Loan

So while homes and land are often cheaper in rural communities, they can still be relatively expensive and the down payment especially can be thousands of dollars. This can be a lot for most people, especially if your income is quite low.

Thankfully, there are things like the USDA loan. These home loans are insured by the United States Department of Agriculture and have the goal of helping home buyers to purchase homes in rural areas. These loans can offer up to 100% financing on your home, which means you might not even need to provide a down payment at all!

Your Stress Levels Will Likely Be Lower

While this isn’t the case with everyone or every small town, generally, stress levels will be lower in a rural community. This is often because there is lower traffic, less people, less congestion and just less “background noise” taking place.

It is often much more laid back and slow-paced, which can wonders for your mood and anxiety levels. Many would argue that your quality of life increases dramatically when you have less stress, and living in a small town is certainly going to be a help in that department for most people.


10 Jobs Requiring No Experience and How to Get Them

In today’s world landing a job has become more and more difficult, especially for those with little or no experience. However, there are still plenty of jobs available offering on-the-job training, excellent salaries and benefits. Whether a recent high school graduate or a stay-at-home mom looking to re-enter the workforce, there are plenty of opportunities available that are anything but dead-end jobs.

Delivery Driver

For those looking for jobs requiring no experience and how to get them, some of the best places to look are delivery companies. Both national and local companies often have jobs available with flexible schedules, paid training and advancement opportunities. A good driving record and customer service skills can be the start of a great career with these companies.

Garbage Collector 

While not glamorous, it’s one job that’s always in demand. Offering stability and the chance for a paid workout, these jobs require passing a physical and performing heavy lifting. Most localities advertise these jobs regularly, so checking local government employment listings is a good idea.

Security Guard

If protecting others sounds intriguing, this can be a great career choice. A high school diploma is required, along with passing a drug test and having a clear criminal record. Inquiring to private security companies is how many people begin these careers.


For those who love the nightlife, bartending can be an interesting career. There are many bartending schools across the country, and attending one can often lead to employment opportunities with upscale clubs and restaurants.

School Bus Driver

When looking for jobs requiring no experience and how to get them, people wanting to combine their love of kids and driving can become school bus drivers. School systems report vast shortages of drivers and offer paid training, insurance and paid holidays off.

Real Estate Agent

A good job for adults re-entering the workforce, this career requires completing a 60-hour training course and passing a state licensing exam. These jobs offer the great money-making potential for little education and experience.

Oilfield Worker

These jobs offer the chance to travel the world while making good money. If working outdoors while earning a good salary sounds good, applying with an oil company such as Exxon can lead to a rewarding job.

Satellite Television Installer

Having the good mechanical ability and customer service skills can translate into a career installing satellite television systems. With on-the-job training provided, contacting a cable or satellite company is recommended.

Card Dealer

If someone loves non-stop action, then working for a casino as a card dealer can be a fun career. Most offer paid training, and some will even send employees to casino dealing schools. A high school diploma and attention to detail are required for most jobs.

Library Technician

If a quiet setting is more to one’s liking, working as a library technician can be a stable career choice. Ordering books and helping patrons are just some parts of the job. Having a high school diploma is required, and contacting local libraries can lead to exciting opportunities.


Investing: How to Be More Conservative With Your Money

Many people think that saving money is enough to secure their future. This could have worked years ago when the economy was flourishing. But in today’s challenging financial climate where frequent price hikes cripple markets and employment is far less stable, saving just doesn’t cut it. People have to be smarter not just in the way they spend, but also how they save money. Investing is a great way to increase the value of your money over time. Those who aren’t exactly the natural born investors or the next Donald Trump will find the process laborious. Nonetheless, it can be done, and this guide will help you along the way. Know what you want to invest in. There are more than dozen investment tools you can choose and invest your hard-earned money on. Although each option looks like its going to generate money, some investment products expose your money to a great deal of risk. Buying shares is a way to invest, but the level of complexity involved suggests that more advanced investors pursue it. Binary options, on the other hand, may be considered by some as an investment option as well yet some experts consider it to be more of a gambling platform.

A good basic investment tool for beginners is a government bond. This, however, may take time to mature and generate returns. It does offer protection from inflation. When choosing the right investment tool, make sure you understand it by reading related information. Look for good and reliable resources from the Internet or a book about investing.

Repair your credit. Prior saving, you must first be free from the clutches of debt. Even a small loan can impact your ability to save. After your income is freed from debt and interest rate payments, it can easily be redirected towards your retirement fund or a savings account. If you want to begin saving even before you entirely wipe off your debt, enter a debt consolidation plan, which minimizes the interest rate you incur over time.

Set your saving objectives. Saving for the short term is easy. You can save your month’s worth of paycheck for a new fridge or a week’s allowance for a new video game. For long term goals, however, you will need to put a lot more into it. You have to figure out how much wealth you need to save to live comfortably after retirement. You will also have to check how investments affect you in accomplishing objectives.

Establish an emergency fund. Investing the bulk of your wealth to a bond or checking account that can be touched only after a few years opens up the issue of being financially insecure in the event of a spontaneous incident. Make sure you have an adequate emergency fund you can take from whenever you need it otherwise you’ll just end up ruining your long term investment portfolio.

Use these tips to invest today. Seek advice from an experienced investor or someone who is economically-versed whenever you encounter blurry areas.


Changing Mindsets: Switching from Short-Term to Long-Term Thinking for Finances

Creating wealth is more of a marathon then a sprint. While cases of people quickly accumulating wealth no doubt exist, these stories are the exception rather than the norm. Unfortunately, these stories are overly publicized which often gives observers a bad idea regarding how to become wealthy. Coming to accept that quick access to money is not common is an integral step along the path towards putting yourself on a sound financial footing. This article will attempt to put you on a sound footing financially by identifying ways that you can concentrate more on the long-term picture with finances rather than short-term gains.

Having an overall plan for gaining wealth is an integral part of this process. Having said that, your plan should be realizable and practical with steps that can be undertaken to bring your plan to fruition. Deciding that you are planning on winning the lottery is not a reasonable goal for yourself. While this is an extreme case, many people build unreasonable gains into their projections including salary raises that are not typical in their profession and market gains that are the exception rather than the norm. When planning out your plan for gaining wealth take a long-term view centered on actionable steps that you can undertake to get to where you need to go.

For example, if you are planning on gaining wealth by starting a business, consider how you are planning on gaining the seed capital to start the business. What are the prospects for the business and how do you hope to gain money through this business model. What are the risks and opportunities in the business and how can this translate towards earning money for yourself.

Many individuals concentrate on improving the inflows of money but do nothing to monitor the outflows of money from your accounts. Since wealth is added to your savings by taking your income and reducing it by any expenses you may have, you will be significantly wealthier by reducing many of your expenses. Preparing a budget is an essential part of gaining long-term financial independence. Start by monitoring what you spend money on and then look for ways to streamline your finances. Small reductions in expenses in one year may translate to large gains over a lifetime. In addition, you will have additional investment capital that you can invest and earn additional amounts on over a longer period of time which provides for a more sustainable source of wealth.

When making investments with your investment capital you should try to take a longer term perspective as well. Day trading can yield you significant profits, but can also lead to significant losses. Having a long-term perspective is more beneficial in investing. Over a period of time, most investments increase in amount due to inflation. Have a wide portfolio of investments in stable companies in varying industries and yield the rewards of long-term gains as a result. Studies have shown that investing in this manner often yields higher returns than other forms of trading.

A long-term perspective is generally considered more beneficial for individuals looking to gain wealth. In addition, it is typically considered to be a more sustainable source of wealth and is a more reasonable course of action for those looking to gain wealth over time.


Finance Tips: Think Practical For Your Money

There are many tips for an individual to utilize when looking to save money. However, it all begins with them looking at what their current finances are, what their current income is, expected income, expected bills, and ways to curb spending and to be frugal about purchases. When individuals analyze their finances properly, they can live comfortably in their means, and still be allowed to have fun and enjoy entertainment. Living practical with money doesn’t mean that people have to cut out all entertainment, splurges on wants every now and then, and other fun events. 

To begin with, people should ensure to look over their bills regularly to understand what debts they owe. When people don’t pay their bills on a timely basis, they can ultimately cause debt to bury them alive, in a figurative way of speech. On the same token, it’s also important for individuals to not spend their money without keeping track of it. This is also another way to cause debt to occur quite quickly; for example, individuals should make it a point to spend their money on bills and necessities first and foremost. Wants, and any other splurges should come after this. It’s also important for people to put their credit cards away in a safe drawer, unless they are needed in an emergency. Only then should credit cards be used; the reason for this is because of the steep interest rates and other applicable fees that come along with credit cards, therefore rendering individuals to become more in debt instead of being frugal and being practical with their money.

Next, people should live within their means. This means that they should do their best to avoid temptations for purchasing extravagant electronics, vehicles, or other costly merchandise. While marketers may do their best to convince the public that they absolutely need these items, the truth is, they probably don’t. If people do want to buy a certain TV, computer, or even an economical vehicle, they should heavily outweigh the financial decision, and save this type of purchase for a once-in-a-great-while splurge purchase. However, it’s truly advisable that individuals plan a purchase of this type, so that they’re able to make payments on time.

Other ways of living within means also comes down to everyday purchases, daily habits around the home, and parenting techniques. As far as everyday purchases are concerned, it’s recommended that people buy groceries, household items, and clothing frugally. What this means is, they should look for items that are on clearance, buy generic brands of groceries, clothing, and also household items. Many times, generic items are just as good, or even better than the name brand. Another aspect of spending frugally is looking for clothing items from discounted clothing stores, taking hand-me-down clothing, or accepting household items from a friend or neighbour in lieu of purchasing them.

Lastly, individuals should consider riding the bus to work or commuting with a co-worker to save on transportation and maintenance costs of a vehicle. As far as a residence is concerned, it’s recommended that people look for a place that fits theirs, and their family’s needs without being too extravagant. Furthermore, as a parent, people shouldn’t give in to their child’s demands for buying them everything they wish; instead, they should look for discounted clothing, and accept second-hand clothing from friends and relatives. Utilizing these techniques will help people to be more practical and economical with their finances; this in turn will allow them to get a handle on their debts, and allow them and their family to live comfortably.