Passive Income With a Consignment Car Lot

There has been a vacant lot in my neighborhood for the past couple of years, and there didn’t seem to be much interest in purchasing it until just recently. This lot was at the intersection of two very busy roads. I thought that maybe it would be a good place for a gas station, but the roads were just too busy. It would be tough getting in and out of the station if you were in a time crunch.

This lot was purchased and there was absolutely no renovation done to it. The property was basically a mix of grass and gravel (mostly gravel), and that’s how it remains today, even after the purchase. The only thing that has changed with this lot is the fact that there are cars on it now. Nope, it’s not a parking lot, it’s a car lot.

This is not the typical car lot though, this is a consignment lot. The owner of the lot gives permission for other people to park their cars there for sale, and he earns money in one of two ways: (1) he can charge a monthly fee for the cars that sit there, or (2) he can charge a commission on each car that’s sold on his lot. It’s a pretty sweet operation, and there isn’t much that needs to be done to earn an income. You just have to receive a few phone calls, make out some invoices, and that’s it! Sounds pretty passive to me.

Consignment Lot for Passive Income

I wonder how profitable this venture would be? Let’s say we use the method of lot rent for each vehicle that’s for sale on our property. We’ll charge $150 a month. On average, I figure we would host about 10 cars per month.

The lot is not large and is really impractical for almost every business use, so it comes cheap at $10,000.


  • 10 cars @ $150 each = $1,500/month


  • Initial payment of $10,000 (paid with cash)
  • Property tax of $150 each year

After just 7 months, we will recoup our initial investment of $10,000 and the rest is pure profit! This business will require only a couple of hours worth of work each week, and the earnings are $18,000 per year! It sounds like a pretty good investment to me.

This business plan is incredibly simple but effective! What do you think of it?


Passive Income With a Car Wrap

Have you ever driven your car around in disgust because you feel like you’re wasting time? If you didn’t need to drive from place to place, you could really be earning a higher income each year.

Well, have you ever thought about getting paid a passive income to wrap your car in an advertisement? It takes absolutely no extra effort on your part, and you could get paid up to $400 a month! Yes, these offers are actually out there, but they are difficult to find – if you decide to make the search, please do not enter any insurance or personal information onto the car-wrap site.

Now, if you find a website that’s valid, it can still be pretty tough to get selected. After all, who wouldn’t want to do nothing and make an extra $400 a month? It’s kind of a no-brainer (well, I guess it depends what’s advertised on your car…). To get selected, you’ll obviously need to be living in a place with a lot of people. If you live in San Francisco or New York, you’ve got much better odds than someone that lives in the country plains of Nebraska. Plus, the advertising company will want to make sure that you drive a lot. The more you drive, the more their customer gets advertised and the better off they do as a company. Finally, you’ll need to have some respectible wheels. If your car is old and rusty, it will have absolutely zero appeal for an advertisement.

If you aren’t too keen on wrapping your own car, there is an alternative. There are some companies out there that will provide a car for you to drive, for FREE! That’s right. You’ll get to drive a brand new car and you won’t be charged a cent – you’ll just be an advertising billboard.

What do you think about this idea? Would you get your car wrapped for $400 a month?


Life Logic: How to Switch Careers

A young adult or professional may contemplate how to switch careers many times in life. Changes can be made in the educational phase or at times it’s just a personal choice within fields. There are even times one may choose to make a decision long after the start of one’s career necessitated by situational or economical factors. Statistically speaking, the average adult will change jobs at least ten times during their lifetime, so it is very safe to assume several of those jobs will also be a change in career. Common sense, planning, and self-awareness can help expedite the process and avoid major catastrophes. 

One should first evaluate key factors in the career change. The first factor is deciding what one wants to do. Making a list of desired outcomes in one’s new career and reaching out to professionals in the field can help with this, as well as researching the prospective market. It is important to educate oneself on average salary, educational requirements, growth potential, and job openings in the area and be aware of other factors like office hours and travel requirements. In some cases, a lateral move within one’s current career field might be more rewarding than a complete shift in industries. However, job seekers often find the time spent researching fosters negativity toward one’s current employment. Remaining in a career after the need for change has been identified is a leading cause of workplace dissatisfaction and poor performance. One’s decisions regarding career paths and options should be predicated on one’s attitude toward their current and projected career paths and objectives. Self-doubt can cause stress and anxiety while attempting a career change. Fear of the unknown is a healthy emotion that has been used for millions of years to preserve the human species. This is normal and a successful careerist will formulate ways to combat it. Recognizing what skills are transferable into a new career and what other achievements will benefit one can save time and stress. Analyzing one’s motives for change honestly can also prove beneficial by providing otherwise unclear or largely ignored insights. One should recognize oneself as the product and be confident in what one has to offer.

At this point one should have a clear picture of the new career, how it differs from the current career path, and if any additional training or experience is needed. One should always set a time table for educational requirements or goals for applications and resumes being sent out. Drafting a new resume will help highlight desirable attributes in one’s new career. Having tangible, attainable goals will increase the likelihood of success and avoid sidelining one’s goals. One should maintain accountability as well, by volunteering to keep one’s skill set sharp and networking within the field of interest to keep abreast of new opportunities. The careerist should also regularly contact recruiters working in one’s field(s) of endeavor. These steps will prevent undue stress and increase the likelihood of success in switching careers effectively.


Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Precious Metals?

As we continue to plod along in this uncertain economy, one begins to wonder what investments will be safe in the event of an economic disaster. Some might think that cash is all-powerful, but if your country can’t pay the bills, then their pieces of paper will be absolutely worthless! With this in mind, perhaps it would be wise to hedge against this potential event and invest in precious metals!

What Are The Advantages of Precious Metals

We have all heard of entire countries going bankrupt and paper currencies inflating so much that they are valued at only a small fraction of what they used to be. For example, let’s say that our government owes more money than they can possibly pay back (which actually appears to be the case lately). Suddenly, their “investors” (meaning, other countries) decide that they want their money back. Since we don’t have mounds of cash reserves, it’s just not possible for us to do it. So what’s our solution? Let’s print more money! Well, since we have an increase in our paper money, but a stagnant value of gold to back it up, each dollar is suddenly worth a little less. As this happens again and again in shorter time-spans, our country could very shortly be heading for a financial meltdown.

Instead of holding onto cash that may be worth nothing in the future, it’s a good idea to hedge against a typical investment with precious metals. For centuries, gold has been the most popular precious metal. Even in ancient cultures, gold was used to establish worth among citizens. Today, it still holds great prestige.

Gold is currently valued at about $1,500 per ounce. When the economy is unstable, the value of gold typically rises (since it is a hedge), so if you think that our economy will soon fold, it may be wise for you to purchase a few ounces of gold. After all, even if our cash becomes worthless, gold will still have great value.

It seems that fewer economies value the currency of the U.S. as they used to, which sometimes makes it difficult to buy and trade goods. But, gold holds great power and most likely always will. If you pull out some gold from your safe, chances are that people will notice.

Use It as a Hedge, Not an Investment

As I stated earlier, gold (among other precious metals) is a great hedge against an economic downturn, but what if the economy begins to thrive again? Rather than the value of gold rising, it will most likely plummet again, leaving you with much less value than when you initially bought it. Therefore, precious metals really shouldn’t be purchased as an investment, but merely as a safety net in the event that the economy does take a dive.

If your net worth is around $1 million, I would suggest that 5% of your worth should be in precious metals. That way, if our economy comes crashing down (which it really could, you never know), you’ll at least have $50,000 of investments that will grow in value. In these cases, your gold will makes your golden years tolerable rather than miserable.

Have you ever thought about investing in precious metals? If the economy takes another downward plunge, will you be buying up some gold?


Playing the Inheritance Game for Passive Income

When it comes to inheriting money, there is no other way to do less, or in some cases, more work for what will be considered a passive income. For those who are blessed to be part of a family that has the fortune to pass on, then your entire job in life becomes maintaining your place to inherit the goods. Many inheritances streams actually payout over the entire life of the person in the receipt. For some estates, the person who is receiving a payout is charged with the role of managing the estate. It’s less morbid than it sounds. Rather than waiting around for someone to kick the bucket so you can collect, this form of inheritance as passive income is more like taking on the role of caretaker for land that’s been in the family and receiving pay for it.

In order for this form of passive income to work out, you need to properly balance all the budgets and make sure money is properly allocated. Instead of thinking that this is like coming into the ownership of your own personal castle and having free reign to do whatever you want, you should see it as being commissioned with a task and expectations in order to sustain the wealth so that it can continue to be passed down. An estate that pays for itself is a lovely way to generate an entire lifelong paycheck of passive income.

Some argue that this is not passive at all. In some families, the person receiving the income must obey certain rules and expectations. Some of the rules can be as intense as requiring the heir to marry the right sort of person, behave a particular way in public, and make the right friends. For some people, this seems a gross invasion of privacy and an incredibly heavy set of instructions for how to live each day. Still, others find that it provides helpful boundaries and goals for how to be the best they can be. For these people, life as a caretaker of an extensive property is a well-designed career choice and form of debatably passive income.

The Responsibilities

How passive is an income that comes with lifelong strings attached? It depends on the person. It’s not that much different from the lifestyles associated with the rich and famous, really. There are lots of limitations to freedoms associated with the lifestyle of a famous person. Aside from hiring security personnel, managing threats from fans, and always being in the spotlight, a famous person is expected to live and behave a particular way. The only difference is that most famous people select their lifestyle where inheritance is often the other way around.

For many people, the idea of balancing the budget of a wealthy estate, managing the social engagements, and maintaining the lifestyle that goes along with it are ideal concepts. There is, indeed, a lot of money to be made in such inheritance scenarios. Not only is there the person who is allotted the inheritance and its responsibilities, but there are people that assist that person in their responsibilities. To become one of those people, perhaps it’s time to evaluate your social circles.

If you find yourself just a little shy of having oodles of billionaire friends, that’s alright. There are credible ways to turn yourself into an assistant to such elite folk. Aside from being certain to learn the ins and outs of managing estates, you would do well to become friends with people who are in the estate business. Be sure, above all else, to remain genuine. Putting on airs is a paper-thin guise and will get you nowhere in the end. You need to be genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of any estate that you become involved with as well as the personal needs of the people charged with its care. Selfish motives will be easily discovered, and you will find yourself alienated from the exact career you hoped to pursue.

In the meantime, it might do you well to start managing your own affairs with keen attention and a long-term focus. With any luck, you may end up with an estate of your own to pass along and in doing so, you will want to be well-aware of how to handle it. Responsibility and attention to detail are key. Spending the time to train the next person charged with care of the estate will be of utmost importance as well.

What would you like to leave your children?


Stress Storms: Cheap-to-Free Methods of Reducing Stress

Are you feeling stressed? If so, then you should know that you’re not alone. It’s often said that no matter what you’re going through, millions of others are going through the same thing. This should give you some comfort. On the other hand, if you really want to relieve stress, then you need to go beyond the “misery loves company” approach. Therefore, let’s take a look at some quality cheap-to-free methods of reducing stress. 

The first way to relieve stress might come as a surprise to you, but it’s the perfect option if you have a young child. Any guesses? If you guessed coloring, then you’re correct. If you’re the type of parent or guardian who allows your child to color while you clean the house, that’s okay, but in this instance, you need to stop what you’re doing and join your child. Not only will he or she appreciate it, but you will quickly realize that coloring is one of the most soothing activities possible. Your mind is very relaxed when you color because you’re so focused on perfecting the picture. It sounds overly simplistic, but simplicity is often effective, and this is one of those cases. Give it a try. You will soon find that you’re the one asking your child if he or she wants to color.

Another good way to relieve stress is jogging. When you jog, your body releases endorphins into your bloodstream, which makes you happy. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. And if you really want to get happy, then attempt to jog five miles or more. This is only recommended if you’re in good shape, but if you can pull it off, then you will enjoy a runner’s high, which is one of the greatest natural highs a human being can experience. You will find yourself with an abundance of happy energy … and you will sleep well that night.

If you don’t have a child and there’s no chance that anyone would ever catch you jogging, then at least consider doing push-ups, sit-ups, or jumping jacks while you’re working. Set a timer or promise yourself to do 100 jumping jacks every hour. You won’t want to do them, but when you complete them, you will be very happy that you did. If you can handle push-ups or sit-ups, then you will feel even better, invigorated in fact.

Another great option is caffeine. It’s true that caffeine gets a bad reputation, but it’s not completely justifiable. As long as you stay under 300 milligrams per day, you’re fine. How much caffeine you require will depend on the tolerance level you have built up over the years. Coffee is a great source of caffeine. If you’re not a coffee drinker, then consider Bing, which is a healthy energy drink with no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavoring, and only 10 grams of sugar. It has 122 milligrams of caffeine, and it’s filled with antioxidants. Since caffeine is known to put people in better moods, you won’t just be improving your mood, but you will be doing so in a healthy way as well.

These are all quality cheap-to-free methods of reducing stress. If you implement them, then you should see your mood improve in no time.


Passive Income With Flowers For Grave Sites

I think we’ve all experienced the loss of someone that’s very special to us. Perhaps it was a grandparent, aunt or uncle, parent, or maybe even a brother or sister. Whatever the relation, saying goodbye to someone forever is never easy and you want to be sure that you continue to remember them, even in death.

I know I started this post out a little morbid, but I wanted you to understand that death is very real in everyone’s life. And, if that person meant a great deal to you in life, you’ll certainly want to make sure that their grave site remains clean and respected. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if there was always a fresh set of flowers at the site as well? This is exactly the service that I want to talk about today.

Delivering and Maintaining Flowers At The Grave

Since many cemeteries do not allow fake flowers on the plots, fresh flowers are the only alternative. However, if you’re not able to get to the grave site every day, chances are that your flowers aren’t going to last very long, and they’re going to look shabby on the grave of your most cherished friend. Nobody wants that.

This is where your business comes in. You could provide the flower delivery and flower maintenance of each plot in the cemetery. The close friends and family of the deceased will most likely pay the monthly fee since it means a lot to them, and all you have to do is deliver the flowers and then water them a few days a week.

Of course, this business would start out as a one man show and not be passive at all, but the simple duties could easily be transferred to an employee over time.


If you were not at all associated with the cemetery, you would need to haul your own water source. This could merely be a tank placed in the bed of a truck, which might cost $1,000 at the most. To save on costs, you should just use well-water so then your only expense would be the electricity in the pump. This should only cost you $5 a day. Then there is the obvious expense of gas in your travels to and from the cemetery. Assuming that you live close, though, your expenses should be no more than $7 a day. Finally, the flowers; if you consistently order flowers from the same place, I’m sure you could get quite a good deal. Flowers that are typically $25 could probably be sold to you for $15.

  • Initial expense of the water tank: $1,000
  • Water expense: $5/business day
  • Fuel expense: $7/business day
  • Flower Expense: $15 per bouquet


Your income completely depends on how many clients you acquire. If you have only one client, I’ll guarantee that you won’t be in business very long. However, what if you had over 1,000 customers? Your operation would definitely be a success.

How much could you charge for your services? Well, to place flowers on the gravesite, I would think you could get at least $40 ($25 for the flowers, and $15 for the delivery. Then, if people would like you to maintain their flowers for the long-term, the going rate is approximately $35 per month (which could be advertised as only a dollar a day!).

Let’s assume that within a year, you are able to acquire 500 customers. All of them initially buy flowers from you and have you maintain them as well. So, each year, you receive an initial $40 payment as well as $35 a month.

  • 500 * $40 for the flowers = $20,000
  • 500 * $35 * 12 months for maintenance = $210,000
  • Total Yearly Income: $230,000

So How Much Are The Profits?

$230,000 sounds like a ton of money, but how much of that was eaten away by expenses?

  • Initial Tank Expense: $1,000
  • 250 days * $5 per day for water = $1,250
  • 250 days * $7 per day for fuel = $1,750
  • $15 * 500 bouquets = $7,500
  • Total Expenses = $11,500

Total Profits = $218,500

These are some pretty awesome profits! Now, let’s say you didn’t really want to drive the truck and water the plants anymore. You could easily pay somebody $35,000 a year to do it for you, and you’re still earning $183,500. Now that’s some pretty awesome passive income!


Right Out of High School: Five Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Job markets are always changing. There are many professions that don’t require candidates to have a college degree. Experience is the foundation of most careers. There are opportunities for high school graduates no matter how recent they left high school. Here are five jobs that do not require the individual to have more than a high school diploma or a

G.E.D.Computer Systems Analyst

The job of a computer systems analyst is to simply look after and analyze computer systems of companies. IT support and troubleshooting are a part of the profession. The ob involves creating templates from scratch, contract or service billing and other tasks that only require some training or volunteer experience. Computer systems analysts can work for various organizations. The average salary for this job is about $84,000.

Insurance Agent

Insurance agents organize appointments with clients to collect the information needed to assist them in making goals, investments or to extend insurance coverage. This position does not require a degree. The tasks related to the job are learned through trial and error. Insurance agents can work in any field as an advisor and there are opportunities to move up in salary. The median salary for this position is from $36,000 to $103,000.

Online Advertising Manager

Online Advertising Managers specialize in creating and pushing advertising campaigns. The desired result of an online advertising manager’s job is an increase in consumers for the company’s product or service. Anyone can have this job without a college degree. Creativity and some computer knowledge are the only real requirements for the job. Online advertising managers can start as regular advertising consultants before reaching the managerial position. The average salary is between $67,191 and $99,863.

Wholesales Sales Representative

Wholesale companies need sales representatives just as much as any other business or start-up. Wholesale sales reps are responsible for navigating computer systems and maintaining customer focus for products and services. Wholesales sales representatives have a large selection of wholesale distribution centers they can work for. The median salary for this position is $56,620.

Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent is another position that does not require a college degree. Agents give clients financial information and other data about the property. They give tours on many homes up for sale, and they help individuals decide what is the best property to buy. The average salary for real estate agents is $39,070.

It is possible to have a start in many careers without a degree. Individuals who are straight from high school can be ahead of college students who think they have to earn a degree before even applying for certain jobs.


Top 10 Passive Income Strategies for 2020

So 2019, was a great year in the stock market and investment realm world of creating dividend income through stocks, but 2020 can be hit by the market uncertainty bug once again.  What do I mean, to start off the year major stock market was down anywhere from 5-10% because the Federal Reserve was discussing raising interest rates, which in turn made everyone extremely skeptical of investing any more money in stocks, and actually selling off a large portion.

So how do you handle the uncertainty of 2020?  Do you continue to invest, do you yank your money out hastily and make a poor business decision?  Read on to find out how I handle an uncertain market.

1. Stock Market / Dividend Income

So if the stock market is scaring you, do your research.  In 2020, there have been no signals which would identify 2020 as being another recession for the U.S.  You’re wondering why everyone jumped ship, however?  Uneducated investors get extremely nervous when stocks fall 3-5% and if it were showing the same signs as the recession, I probably would pull my money as well, but this year was different.  The recession was focused on poor banking loans, and that was a major focus, because of defaults and foreclosures, but 2020 has shown no signs of this.

So what should be your first goal?  If you are new to the stock market, look for big-name stocks, who may be down on their luck because of uncertainty in the overall market, not just the company itself.  Identify, who is your best investment, dividend wise, and a company that you know can bounce back.  During the lowest point of the market, I invested in IBM and Proctor and Gamble.  Why you ask, both are long term companies, who innovate and also have the cash flow to sustain long term growth.  Yes, they may not have huge dividend returns, but they are consistent and have been for years.  And since the downswing, my investments in less than 3 months, have jumped to a positive 10% swing.

So even there is a downturn in a market, look at investing in dividend stocks, even if they are not huge dividend providers, knowing you will have consistent passive income for 2020 is your main goal.

2. Selling Your Stock Photographs for Cash

Photography is an extremely hard business to break into, however, there are opportunities to take something you enjoy and do as a hobby and make it a passive income stream.  There are websites now who allow you to sell the rights to your photographs and earn cash.  Albeit this is not a 100% to form of passive income, because you do have to do work on taking more photographs and updating your portfolio, however, if you ever achieve a large selection of high-quality pictures, you should be able to sit back and watch money roll in, which in turn, should earn you passive income.

If you are interested in selling photographs for passive income, check out iStockPhoto or Fotolia.  Do your research on the companies and find out which one works best for you, and also look around, there are other companies as well.

3. Create an E-Book

This may sound like an extremely difficult thing to achieve, but self-publishing an e-book really isn’t that bad.  You will first need to create your content, find something you are passionate about, write about it, edit it, write some more.  But remember, quality is your best seller, don’t sell something you are not proud of and that doesn’t actually help anyone.  If you create a low-quality product then you will, in turn, receive low-quality sales.

So now once you have created your content, create a cover for it.  If you cannot create a catchy cover, find a designer to create one for you.  Try Fiverr and you should be able to find someone to design a cover at a great price and also be able to give you a high-quality product.

So now you have content and you have a cover, it’s time to sell.  My first self-publishing go to, would be Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.  You will need to upload your e-book, get granted approval, and then sell the living covers off of it.  But don’t expect to be Stephen King in a night.  You need to develop marketing strategies and ways to let people know your book is available and why they should read it.  Tell your friends and family and have them help you too.

4.  Rental Income

I still believe rental income will help you achieve financial success quicker if you make quality investment decisions. Using and locating a realtor who specializes in rental properties and can give you quality, sound advice. I would insist on this especially if you have not been in the market and are not super comfortable with all the numbers and market values.  Some of the wealthiest people in America such as Donald Trump have invested in real estate and become successful in doing it.

5.  Affiliate Income

While the beginning points of affiliate income is not passive, because you need to generate the traffic to your links, adding an affiliate link to your website can be highly lucrative.  You cannot count how many companies offer affiliate marketing, some of the big names like Commission Junction, have large brand name companies and offer multiple products.  You can also earn from places like Amazon, and also offering digital products from places like Clickbank.

But remember, just because you add a link or banner to your website, does not mean you are an affiliate marketer, the second word of the phrase is a marketer.  You have to sell yourself, you have to be an expert on what you are selling.  You also need to believe in what you are selling, don’t sell crap, or a scheme, sell real products that solve a real problem for you as well as your customers.

6. Peer 2 Peer Lending

This is a newer concept.  This is an idea, you will be providing a loan, just like a bank, to a customer and they repay you with interest payments to get a return on your investment.  But remember with loans, there is always a risk.  Start with Prosper and LendingClub and see what they are offering.  You do run the risk someone may default on a loan and you lose all your money.

The majority of experts agree, diversifying over 100 or more loans is a better investment of your money than one large loan.  If one small loan defaults, but 99 others continue to pay interest on their loans, you aren’t losing so much money and risking a huge loss.  Also with P2P lending, you need to research who you are providing a loan to.  Have they looked for another financing, or what type of project are they trying to complete?  Always do your research especially when providing any type of unsecured loan which is what p2p lending is.

7.  Become a Silent Partner

Investing in businesses can be good and bad.  Invest in a great business who has a long-standing good record with great owners can be a blessing, while trying to invest in a poorly managed business can lead to losing your entire investment or worse, going after your other assets.

Becoming a silent partner with a good team can be difficult, however, if you can do your research and find someone who needs money to try and complete a renovation, or build more inventory, you can get into a growing company early and reap the rewards later in life.  The other nice thing?  If you are silent, that means you have no responsibility to take part in the day to day operations.  Hire a CPA and look over their books thoroughly however, so you can make sure everything which is promised is delivered, and nothing is being hidden in the books.

8.  Certificates of Deposit

Why I do not use these as much as some people? Because I prefer to delve in stocks that return a dividend, but CD’s can be a safe and trustworthy spot to stick your money.  There is one strong suggestion that I have with doing a CD’s and that is making sure you have liquid assets handy, in case you have an emergency, or want to make another investment.  Do not, I repeat do not, stick all of your savings in a long term CD, and get caught with your pants down when you have a huge medical bill or home repair.

If I were going to make a large investment in CD’s, I would suggest creating a ladder set up.  Having CDs at the 1, 2, 3 and 5-year maturity marks.  For the shorter time rankings, you will have lower interest rates, but less time that you will not have access to the money.  Your longer-term CD’s should be for a long term investment but higher interest rates, if you reach the 5-year point, and want to reinvest, do it, or you can remove the money and create another investment.  Brick and mortar banks offer CD’s but the trend over the past few years for interest rates has been downhill, however, online-only banks like Ally have become very popular because they can offer higher interest rates because they don’t have a physical location.  So try it out, CD’s are safe and have been around for years and if you can compile a large amount of CD’s, you can create a great passive income for 2020.

9.  Create a Product Idea and License it

Everyone has millions of ideas running through their heads, some better than others.  But everyone is always looking for the next big thing to make money and explode.  Companies think the same way.  They want ideas and products that can create a bang, and create exceptional sales.  Not only that, these big companies are willing to pay big money, and royalties to gain access to these ideas.

So if you have the gusto and the brains to create a quality product or idea, find a company you can pitch it to.  But don’t create and just sit on it and expect it to go somewhere.  Ideas can expire with time, and someone may create a better or the same product you already created and beat you to the market and your time and money spent is all for nothing.

If you’ve ever seen The Shark Tank, the American Dream is to create a product and sell it to an investor and make millions of dollars, whether it be for recurring passive income, or whether it is a huge lump sum payment, but why not try your hand at creating another passive income strategy for 2020.

10.  Create an Ecourse

So you are reading this now, but you have a full-time job doing something else.  But you want to jump into online business but you don’t have anything to sell or feel like you have nothing to offer.  But if you already have a job, what is your expertise?  Are you a real estate agent, are you a seasoned banker, or do you mow lawns for a living?  All of these have the potential to create an e-course to actually teach someone the skill you already have.

Maybe if you mow for a living, you can teach people how to create the perfect lawn with 10 steps, or if you invest in real estate, you can teach people how to invest in real estate.  There are countless ways to teach people how to do something, you can create a website and walk people through words, or you can create videos to create your course.

So now that we have covered the new ideas for 2020 for passive income, start investing, start creating, and build up the passive income so you can sit on a beach and reap the rewards in the future.


Single Day Jobs: Making Money Quick

There will come a time in the life of most people when they need money quickly. You may have a surprisingly high bill or an unexpected car repair. Maybe you simply need money for a gift. Your demand for extra cash need not be dire to be worthwhile. Luckily there are a number of legitimate ways to make money quick. A single day job is a job that you work for just one day. These are often ‘cash for work’ gigs or contractor employment. The pay will vary greatly. In general, the work will pay slightly better than if the employer were to actually hire an employe to do the job. Employees need to be paid no matter the work load while a contractor is only paid when needed. Single-day jobs have their pluses and minuses for everyone.
Contractors do not receive insurance nor do they need a building to stay in. Contractors benefit from flexible schedules and are able to pick the jobs they take on. Many single day jobs are in farming or landscaping and require a strong back and arms. Typical work would include weeding, harvesting and tending food crops or flower beds. Less strenuous jobs are in advertising. Your employer will often pay you to hold a sign or pass out leaflets. You will be on your feet and in the weather so dress properly. Day labor work is often found through local agencies or posted on job boards.

If you have any particular skills you can use them to your advantage. Take an inventory of your hobbies. Many people will need the services of carpenters, photographers, seamstresses and other skilled work that many do for fun. Don’t limit yourself to just skilled work. Fishermen can rent out their boats and knowledge of fishing spots. Animal lovers can pet sit and walk dogs. Musicians can give lessons. These single-day jobs can even offer income on a regular basis. The best way to get into skilled day work is to bring the work to you. Advertise your services locally on job boards, online or even on flyers around your community. Be sure to follow any local laws relating to running a small business while you rake in your new income.

Lastly, you can turn to the internet for single-day jobs. Today there are a number of individuals and companies looking to hire people for very short-term work. Many of these jobs can be found by searching for freelance work. People today use freelancers to do everything from designing websites to ghost writing books. In fact, freelance writing is a very popular way to make extra money in your spare time. To get started writing you need good basic writing skills and the temperament to work on a deadline.

No matter your skill set you can make money quickly. Extra cash is out there waiting to be made by the right person. All it takes is a bit of preparation and your willingness to work.