10 Lessons I Learned After Purchasing My First Blog

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10 Painful Lessons I’ve Learned Since Purchasing My First Blog


1) Purchasing an established reputable site should be the Perfect Answer

So this isn’t my first blog I’ve owned, actually it is truly my second.  The first one was my failed attempt at a College Finance website, which turned into, lack of time, lack of money, and lack of website knowledge.  I learned quickly passive income and creating a positive website which had a strong user base was very difficult.  Coming from someone who is not technically savvy and has limited time, I ran out of time to write for my first blog and felt allowing others to write articles for me was counterproductive.  So after a painful two years I let it go, I didn’t sell it because I felt it wasn’t worth the money I put into it.

Here we are two years later and now I’ve gotten myself into another blog, except this time with established traffic and numerous articles already written.  Is it good?  Sort of…  I can see numerous attempts at trying to have someone write an article just to make money and just to get traffic.  I can also see a lack of effort put into the design of this site.  It is nice to walk in and see over 2,000 new users come to the website every month, however when you look at the bounce rate (the rate which a user visits 1 page and leaves) it is upwards of 90%.  That being said, it looks as if some of the content in articles written are not only poor in quality, but the visions are so scattered, you can’t even follow the website to create your own ideas.

2)  Finding a Trusted and Honest Seller of a Website is Difficult

Prior to locating this website, I attempted to purchase two additional sites.  Boy did I make a huge mistake on both…  After both listings on the auctions finished, low and behold both sellers were banned, however I was never notified.  So what did I learn from attempting to buy from poor and lying sellers.  Do your research and due diligence yourself.

If I would have taken the time checked for the previous website sales and also looked at the seller history, I would have noticed the same designed websites With the EXACT same traffic numbers except different dates.  So not only did the sellers change names, but the had the gusto to photoshop videos and payment proofs to deceive the buyers.  Luckily enough I caught the PhotoShop move just after purchasing the website and after the seller was banned.  I was not forced to actually pay.

But why can a company who prides themselves on quality and being the one of the largest sellers of websites not assist in the process and make sure you are getting a quality product?

I know there are sites, who are reputable, who take the time and research the actual website for the buyer prior to listing…Great Concept.  But most of the websites for sale are out of a regular person’s budget.  In the future I will review a couple of well known websites and how I would research any website I purchased prior to placing a bid.

3)  Spam Robots and Backlink Robots are the Devil

I don’t know if these are real terms, but this is what I equate to internet devils.  Spam Robots and Backlink Robots.  So prior to purchasing this website, I had heard about AskIsMet.  Askismet.com is a spam filter for comments on your blog posts, yes there is a monthly fee to use it, and no I don’t see a problem in paying a nominal $5.00 a month for one website to fix this problem.  I assumed this website would have been installed on a two year old blog to assist in all the extra work, but I was sadly mistaken.  So after clearing all of the spam out 20 comments by 20 comments at a time for over 1500 spam comments, I have decided to add it on. $5.00 doesn’t seem so bad, when you waste three hours which I could have spent writing this post or researching new ideas.  So know don’t have to deal with the lazy people who attempt to get backlinks from spamming random websites.  Note: If you wish to do this on my post, I will find you, I will hunt you down, and I will kill you (Taken).

4)  Design on a Dime Is not My Friend

Premium WordPress themes.  Would seem to be a smart idea if you are going to have a quality product.  Ask and I did not receive as you can see by the wonderful front page design on this website.  If I had to guess, this actual theme probably hasn’t been updated since the original owner started the blog and was not looked at as a necessity.

Let me tell you one thing Quality Premium Blog Themes are a necessity.  You can look at quality blogs like Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn or Niche Pursuits and see why people are engaged and want to come back to their websites.  They have taken countless hours and perfected how to create a well thought, well designed blog and website and made it their own.  They both continually update content with high quality work, and they also update their design if they see flaws.

My next step for this website is to find the quality theme which I think works best for my goals.  It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but I will find one which works and which I feel like will capture my audience.  Once I find one which I love, I will post a review and let you know why I chose it.

5)  Random Posts With No Rhyme or Reason

So I’ve scanned through the old posts and I am extremely tempted to take down over 75% of them.  Why, you ask?  Because half of them don’t make sense for an overall picture.  I have found Golf Driving Ranges, Car Washes, 401k’s, and real estate investing all in old posts and none really make sense together.  I understand they concept is creating a passive income, but most of these are ideas which most come back to, can you afford it? or will it make you any money?  If you want to learn passive income, you have to do it, you have to experience it and you have to make it a goal.  I wouldn’t be writing this post if I didn’t want to make passive income, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I hope you all read this and ignore it because you are making too much money for a beginner.  I want you to go on a journey with me, I have made $25.00 with my websites, that is it, I’m a rookie and proud of it.  But I do know passion, and that is what I will use to make something I am proud of.

6)  Out of Date or Unused Installed Plugins

I know, I know, you can’t install a plugin and uninstall it, you just deactivate it.  But why are the plugins which automatically tell you on the side if they need updates, not updated?  So I had to spend another 10 minutes, trying to update plugins, only to find out a few are subscriptions which were never transferred over and never explained.  Also on another note, the unused plugins which were installed, don’t really make much of a difference to the website, especially if they perform the exact same task.

7)  Quality Content – Or Lack Thereof

This sort of goes with the posts with no linking thought process which I explained earlier.  You can see where the old owner lost his desire and want to have a quality website because the shorter posts and less researched posts seemed to trickle though the cracks.  If you want a quality website, do your research, use Long Tail Pro, which is what I use for my SEO research and post ideas.  You can use Market Samurai, but I find it to be extremely slow in my research process and don’t have the patience for it.

If you want quality content do it yourself.  If you have a writer which you trust and they know your goals and what you want to achieve, you can let them guest post for you.  A word to the wise however, I would strongly recommend reviewing and sending back revisions so your guest bloggers are just as informative as you are.  Don’t let a small hole in the hull of your ship cause the entire battleship to capsize.

 8)  Ask For Help (If you Need it)

Personally, I have not been around the block long enough to have website and blogging gurus I can ask for help or what works for them.  Is it wrong?  Maybe, Maybe not.  I am a keen believer in figuring things out in your own time and on your own dollar.  I don’t like handouts and don’t ask for assistance unless I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.  If I could design the perfect website and make $10,000 a month, do you think I would be here writing this right now?  The answer is Yes!  Why you ask?  Because that means someone actually finds my information helpful and useful.  If I could make enough money doing what I enjoy doing, rather than working 40 hours a week, spending time away from my children, I would do it in a heartbeat.  If there were geniuses who did this all the time and could replicate success in every website they made, I would love to find one.  But there is reason websites like this exist.  Because the next person is looking for that special niche, or that next amazing product.  There are highly successful people who live on residual income, but most didn’t get there overnight, and I can almost guarantee it wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter.

9)  Choose Your Backlinks Wisely

Reading through the comments, I noticed multiple trackbacks to websites which I don’t know who they are and have never heard of them.  Are they useful?  Probably so because there is traffic coming to the website.  Are they quality, probably not, because most of the ones I have done research on have not posted in an extremely long time, and a few are not even related to what this website is about.  If and when you create backlinks, find ones in your niche, from quality reputable websites, who will not only return the favor, but possibly feature you in the future.  Whatever you do, do not spam a website on their comment forums and make it a nightmare for them.  If you want to comment and do that type of backlinking strategy, read the entire post, process your thoughts, and write a well thought out response for what you actually believe.  If you want to add a link to your website, do not place the website URL in the actual comment box, when you enter your e-mail it will place a URL box, place it right there.

I will leave this here, but just so all the readers are aware, I am not a backlinking master, or even a novice, but I have researched multiple ways of completing the task.  Since I do not have a post for backlink strategies, you can always go to Smart Passive Income, which I linked to above, and Pat has designed an exceptional guide which works for him.

10) Create Affiliate Links and Ways to Make Money

This website, has Adsense as its main source of income, followed by sponsored posts.  I am not keen on sponsored posts and the reason I say that now is because most of the contacts which would like them, have no true relationship with your goals.  They are ultimately wanting a backlink which is paid for a established website.  For now, that may be my only way of making enough money to keep the website afloat, however eventually my goal is to create quality reviews and insights with affiliate programs which I use.  I only want to review products which I believe in, not some off the wall program that asks you for X amount of dollars and I have no experience with.  If I could make this blog earn $100-$200 a month in 6 months just on Affiliate Earnings, I will be happy.  At this time, I have seen a grand total of $0.67 in Adsense earnings, from this website and $25.00 from a exercise website program which I own as well.


I know, this is an entirely too long of a post, but I want everyone to understand, buying an established website, is not all it’s cracked up to be.  There are ups and downs, and right now I have found more downs than ups.  When the top two organically searched pages of this website pertain to How to Create a Pool Hall Business and How to create a Driving Range Business, I probably am in an extremely uphill battle and may not ever win it.

If you like the content, and wish to see more, comment with a quality comment, give advice if you have any, and keep reading.  Hopefully someday, enough passive income will be created to support my family without a full time, everyday, go to work job.



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