Passive Income With a Boat Slip Rental

One of the most popular ways to earn a passive income is by pursuing real estate investments. Such investments, theoretically, can allow you to sit back in your executive leather office chair while the money rolls in on a monthly basis. Until you are ready to sell your real estate parcel, the income you make from leasing, renting, or simply sitting on the value is easy to come by and requires no effort on your part. Costs and hassles are almost non-existent.

Unfortunately, this theoretical view borders on the ideal and the unlikely. A real estate investment, in reality, often requires a considerable amount of attention (and expense) in maintaining the property, securing tenants, paying taxes, and dealing with renter issues. Making money in real estate is certainly towards the passive end of the income scale, but it is simply not as hands-off as many portray it to be.

But there are certain subsets of real estate that come much closer to the ideal. For example, what if you were told that there is an available beachfront property that is in high demand and requires barely any maintenance? What if this property was almost guaranteed to attract wealthy, long-term renters? What if its value was almost certain to increase over time?

Of course, when faced with such a secure and truly passive investment opportunity, there’s little question of how to respond. If these claims are correct, and if you have the financial capability, you’ll invest in this real estate parcel in no time. Of course you would.

Well, here’s some good news: such parcels exist in the form of boat slips in major resort and metropolitan areas. In major cities built along the water, there are usually far more wealthy people than there are places to dock a boat. Consequently, securing a boat slip is not an easy task. But if you find the opportunity to get one, you can almost guarantee yourself a solid passive income for years to come.

Make sure to do your research beforehand, as boat slips in several cities are far more lucrative than in others. These cities include San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Galveston, Miami, and the Washington DC region. Buying a slip in one of these places will likely secure you a high-demand parcel, a high-paying clientele, and a property that incurs maintenance costs on only a per-decade basis.

If you’re looking for the ultimate passive investment, there really isn’t much not to like.

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