What is the Perfect Time to Invest in Upcoming Projects

What is the Perfect Time to Invest in Upcoming Projects?

When it comes to making wise investment decisions, timing is everything. This is especially the case with such major investments as residential and commercial real estate. Throughout the country of India, many prospective and experienced investors are searching for their next big opportunity – waiting for the perfect time to capitalize on a solid offer. However, what many people fail to realize is that that time is right now.

An Analysis of the Real Estate Market

It is true that right now is the perfect time to invest in upcoming real estate projects throughout India, especially if you are interested in a solid investment with long-term growth potential. Keep in mind that, while the real estate market might be suffering and struggling in other countries around the world, the exact opposite is taking place throughout India. Thanks to the increasing demand of residential and commercial properties throughout the country, the Indian real estate market is projected to grow at an exponential pace within the next five to ten years

The Exponential Increase in Value

Studies have actually proven that the Indian real estate market is about to skyrocket in value at an exponential pace. This overall market is already the second largest employer throughout India and has been able to maintain that top-ranking position for years now – falling below only agriculture.

It has even been reported that the value of the industry is estimated well over $67 billion (USD) with projections estimating that it will exceed $180 billion within the next six years. The current valuation of the industry as a whole is expected to grow from $4 billion to $24 billion (USD) within just the next decade, according to Property News India. The industry successfully contributes over six percent of India’s GDP, according to Investors-Clinic.

A Plateau of Fluctuating Prices

There are many people and investors that are still very reluctant when it comes to investing in the real estate market in general – much less throughout India. This is primarily because of the fact that the sector has continuously fluctuated in pricing in recent year, causing many to doubt the potential for consistent growth and successful investment opportunities for future projects. However, further studies have proven that the numbers have shifted in a much more positive direction.

From mid- to high-ticket properties located throughout the metro regions, such as Unitech group properties, credible reports have confirmed that the average price range has experienced a substantial appreciation in recent years. With the expedited urbanization of the metro cities, many aspiring and existing homeowners have become intrigued and excited about relocating their homes into city centers that are much closer to these business districts.

How Real Estate Developers Have Responded

In addition to the increasing demand for people to move closer to business districts thanks to the expedited urbanization of metro cities, development and construction teams throughout the country have also been force to offer discounted rates for their services and products. This change is the direct result of an overabundance of inventory in addition to the exponential price increases that have been noticed within the construction industry in recent years.

With the urgent need and desire to unload this inventory as quickly as possible, this provides prospective home buyers with the competitive advantage they have been searching for in order to bargain their way into a new home.

A Drastically Reduced Interest Rate

Another significant change that has promoted the investment potential of Indian real estate is the recently modified average interest rate. Studies have confirmed that the average interest rates for new home loans has been drastically reduced in recent years when compared to those rates several years ago, according to India Homes.

With the decreased costs being charged by development teams, the increased advantage that home buyers have when it comes to bargaining in addition to the reduced interest rates, it is clear why the perfect time to invest in upcoming real estate projects is right now.

Focus on the Commercial and Industrial Growth

If anyone is still nervous and somewhat skeptical about the investment potential of Indian real estate projects, they only need to pay attention to the confirmed industrial and commercial growth that has been noticed in recent years.

Throughout the history of the entire world, industrial and commercial growth has always led to real estate developments and overall growth. Based on confirmed reports and estimated projections, according to Report Linker, it is apparently clear that nothing is going to change about that anytime soon.

Even if you do not have very much experience when it comes to making successful investment decisions, the Indian real estate market is not poised to become one of those decisions that you would regret. There is no better time than right now to prepare your investment portfolio for future real estate projects in this thriving market.





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