College Past 22? Why It Might Not Be Too Late

It is never too late to further an education and attend college. Many students are postponing college till fully sure of what they plan to do with their lives. So, whether a student is 18 and thinking of postponing or 22 and thinking of attending college for the first time, here are a few things to think about. 

Real Life Experiences
Not having any real life experiences before going to college can actually hurt many students. It means that this person hasn’t had much responsibility and probably won’t do well in an independent setting, like college. If they never had a job or multiple tasks to juggle at once, college can become an uphill battle. Some students have had experience with multi-tasking and prioritizing, so they’ll most likely thrive in a college setting.
The benefits of attending college when older is that many of those once 18 year old students, that went and found work or traveled the world, got real life experience. They now are older and can thrive in college. They are more likely to know what field they want to a career in. Therefore, they won’t waste time switching majors or partying.
Drive, Determination and Concentration
The top reason most young students fail in college is because they are not fully focused on college. They aren’t taking it as serious as they should. So a huge benefit to an older student is that she/he is more likely to take their education more seriously. Colleges believe that older students are more degree-driven than younger students. They have a plan and are busy trying to execute it rather than going to parties and football games. Also older students do not need much direction and aid from teachers, while the younger students will still feel as if they need to be told what to do next.
Good News
Colleges are accepting older students every day! There has been in increase in the number of older students attending college and some of the best schools have older students. On the plus side, there will most likely be at least one other older student in each class you attend. Colleges are making it easier to further an education no matter what age the potential student is.
Some bad news
Everyone knows that to attend many colleges a person needs reference letters or letters of recommendations. Being an older student, the relations with high school teachers may be lost. Some people feel this hurts their chances of furthering their education but it doesn’t. Current and previous employers can write letters of recommendations for their employees. Volunteer and build relationships with them and ask for a letter of recommendation. Finally, call the school in which you plan on attending and discuss the situation for why getting letters of recommendation isn’t possible. Most colleges will try to work with older students.

In addition, college can be an excellent business investment – some jobs require a degree and other employers see it as a huge plus. So, there it is! It really isn’t too late for anyone to continue an education and once certain of what it is they want to study, go for it and attend college! College past 22! It is not too late!

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