Extra Help: The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Your Next Employee

All companies need to keep up with social trends of hiring new employees. Competition is very high when it comes to hiring the right employee for the company. The company wants a great worker that will show success for the company. Meaning a higher bottom-line, money. The company needs not a failure that will print red ink in the finance book. 

Doing this will give the company a forecast of quarterly statements and show how workers alone will achieve employee satisfaction overall for the company. It will explain what will cause non-success in a company because of high turnover of employees not to mention the cost of training new employees.

The dos are that the company needs to find a person who really can see the vision of the company’s future. The company can make surveys to give out to potential employees after an interview to see how well the person would like to work for them other than working for another company. The company’s questions can be about the career they are supporting to a career that is completely different than the career they are supporting.
Other questions the company can ask is about the person themselves. Is the person supportive of working with others and giving creative feedback when needed to other employees, or taking feedback from other employees when necessary? These questions will help the bottom-line in the long run because the person who gets interviewed will give answers that will support the company’s vision or disagree with the company’s vision. If that person is for the company’s vision and shows good moral character then it is best for the company to hire him or her. In the long run it will give that person and others around that person great employee satisfaction for working for the company.
The don’ts of hiring your next worker would be hiring a person who do not seem to be interested in working in position until a higher position becomes open. They will feel incompetent and feel like they are getting nowhere in their career. This will make them not want to perform their job duties or help others grow in their careers because they feel that they are doing too much work for little pay. This will cause the employee to quit or apply for a different job. This is when the need to hire another employee happens – employee turnover – which causes for more down time for the company to reap profits, and the company will have to teach another employee their work duties which means paid training for the employee which brings down the bottom-line into the red ink area of the quarterly statements. 

3 thoughts on “Extra Help: The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Your Next Employee

  1. If the answer is, “Not a single person would do that,” then your organization’s connection to its workforce might need some refurbishing. The type of company/employee relationship that would yield a more positive answer to the lottery question is easily observable in some industries like Healthcare, where most people are in it to help and heal others; or Aerospace & Defense, where many have a profound desire to support the strength of their country. Of course, there are industries where it’s seemingly more difficult to build motivating bonds between employees and what the company does, such as tech support or airport security.

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