Business Blues: What Not To Do When Starting a Business

Probably at one time or another most people have dreamed of owning their own business. Unfortunately, the success rate is quite low and many fail within their first year. Here are a few things that should not be done when starting a new business.

The new owner should not set up shop in a specific location solely because of low lease or rent rates. Because you get what you pay for, there’s always a reason why rent or lease rates are low.A new business should not move into any location until a market study of competing businesses has been done. For example, if it’s a pizza restaurant, the new owners should investigate how many other pizza restaurants are already present in the local area.Going into a new venture with partners can sometimes be a challenge.
It is generally best to form a partnership among parties who already know each other well. No matter what type of relationship may exist between business partners, a full disclosure of all partners’ financial status and stake in the business should be made.It is important that new owners do not set unrealistic goals when they are first starting out. If expectations are set too high the owner will be unhappy or pessimistic when these goals cannot be achieved.

If sales expectations were much higher than the actual amount of work done, the owner may have hired too many employees. If business remains slow the owner will have to lay off some of his workers. It is also best to not order too much stock or products when a business first starts out, because if sales are slow the business could take a loss on the products.

A new owner should definitely not try to do everything by him or herself. Even if it is a very small business with just the owner on staff, it is imperative that he or she receive advice and insights from other people. By trying to accomplish too much singlehandedly, the owner can overlook crucial elements of the business.

It is very risky to start a new business venture without having a business plan in place. A business plan should be comprehensive, with specific goals outlined and time frames allotted for reaching those goals.

Opening the doors of any type of new business without having adequate insurance in place can be disastrous. No matter what type of business it is, general liability insurance is a necessity. If personal injury or property damage occurs at the place of business, appropriate amounts of liability insurance will cover the damages. Property insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance and commercial auto insurance are other types of insurance that a new business may need.

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  1. Very good points as to starting a business. As a tax and business attorney, I would recommend that anyone starting a business get with such an attorney BEFORE they do anything. The choice of the proper entity such as a C, S, LLC, etc needs to be explored. Also, where partners are involved a shareholders or operating agreement or partnership agreement is a must to avoid problems down the road.

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