Writing For Cash: How to Make Money Through Writing

Writing for cash is something that hundreds of thousands of people do on a daily basis. Some writers treat it as part time work, saving the income or using it for costs outside their monthly budgets. Others work full time as writers in a wide variety of different fields. Answering the question “how to make money through writing” isn’t easy, but for those who want to turn words into cash it pays to do some research.

Contract Writing

This is what most people typically think of when they think of getting paid to write. A client places an order, and the writer creates content to fit it. The order could be for a 500 word blog post about green energy, an article explaining how to navigate the client’s website, or even a product description for a catalog. Once the writer has completed the project, he or she gets paid. Alternatively a writer might be put on staff and given a regular salary (such as if the writer was a staff blogger, or a journalist for a network), but those jobs are far less common that writers who accept work on a freelance basis.

Independent Content Creation
Rather than writing for a client, writers can create content for a wider audience. a writer simply puts together articles, stories, or whatever he or she thinks will get popular, and then posts that content on the Internet through a host site. The host will then pay the writer based either on the amount of page views generated (typically no more than $2.00 for every 1,000 page views), or the host will split advertising revenue with the writer (ranging from a 50/50 split to a 70/30 split in the writer’s favor). The revenue generated from this option is less certain than the up-front payment offered by clients. It’s often very difficult to figure out what’s going to be popular, and even then writers might succeed or fail purely on the whims of the reading audience. Many writers who choose to write for royalties often take a long time to build up a reliable base, but at the same time a single piece of content has the potential to pull in a lot of revenue if it hits the web at just the right time.

Writing a Book
An endeavor only the most serious writers partake in, writing a book is one way to make money. Writers need to know if they’re going to a big press (like Random House), a small press, or if they’re self-publishing. Big presses offer advances and royalties, and they can advertise an individual’s book to broad markets. Small presses don’t have that kind of advertising budget, and may not offer advances. Self publishing means the writer takes on all of the costs, but that he or she gets to keep all of the profits made from sales of the book. There are paths to success for each method, though some writers prefer one path over another.

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