10 Reasons to Support Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and yet most people still find themselves frequenting big box stores. There are many reasons that consumers should find their way back into small businesses both for themselves and their community.

1. The items aren’t always more expensive. Big box stores have promoted the idea that they are always the cheapest, but niche items are usually cheaper in smaller stores. Hobby items such as beads and paint supplies, or specific items such as automotive parts, are sometimes cheaper at smaller stores than at chains.

2. The quality is usually better. Small businesses take pride in their product on a level that large businesses cannot and they value customer satisfaction.

3. The service is personal. A small business owner will know their customers and be able to serve them better, which is a feeling that cannot be achieved at a large store.

4. It supports better business practices. Most big businesses are built on dubious ethical choices. Small businesses are usually maintained by a small and caring staff, whereas big businesses often use cheap overseas labor for their goods.

5. It’s better for the environment. Small businesses make their own goods rather than shipping them across the nation or even from another country. This means that less energy goes into their production and shipping which is good for the environment as a whole.

6. It is good for the economy. When small businesses fail the unemployment rates go up drastically and the economy suffers. It is a proven fact that the economy as a whole relies on small businesses and that small businesses, not large businesses, make up a majority share of the economy. Taxes are also collected more from small businesses than large corporations.

7. Supporting small businesses supports the community as a whole. Small businesses are an intrinsic part of building a community that a customer can be proud of and a community without small businesses will stagnate and stop developing.

8. It increases property values. Communities that have thriving small businesses see increased property values because new investors can see the value of the land. Communities with failing or closed small businesses will see housing prices decrease. Not only do the prices decrease directly because the neighborhood looks unattractive but they also decrease due to increased unemployment and lower median wealth.

9. It creates a support network. People who want to start their own small business some day will see the benefit of creating a lasting relationship with other small business owners in their town. Small business owners can be extremely supportive of one another and can make it much easier to succeed.

10. Small businesses need the help. Right now more than ever, small businesses need consumers coming in the doors. Not only are big box stores undercutting many of their prices but small businesses are having difficulties securing loans due to hesitant lending. This means that many small businesses could already be on the verge of shutting down, a situation that could be disastrous for everyone involved.

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7 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Support Small Businesses

  1. I agree. When you support one business, you also support the whole community. It’s not enough that you should grow alone. You should also help others around you and you help each other.

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