Collectibles and You: Turning Clutter into Passive Income

Collectors tend to accumulate a lot of one particular item. In addition to obtaining and storing all of these items, they also tend to learn a lot about the value of various items within that niche. Collections range from trendy to bizarre and every possible thing in between. Regardless of what you collect, eventually, availability of space for storing collections becomes a limiting factor.

When a shortage of space threatens collectors with having to stop their habit, some will resort to spending money on a storage container for their ten-trillion Elmer Fudd figurines. Once this happens, a sad thing takes place, and the very collectibles that were purchased with love and appreciation become cumbersome and are seldom thoroughly enjoyed. Instead of cluttering your life with 8,000 coins in a coin collection, or holding onto every Coca-Cola bottle you’ve ever seen, perhaps it’s time to turn that unwieldy collection into some spare change.
Free yourself from an overabundance and eliminate the unnecessary items in your collection. Let them clutter someone else’s house. Trust me, someone else will gladly pay for them. You did, right? Point in case.

Trash and Treasure: A Question of Point of View

Some people are probably mystified by why you’re so darn drawn to Legos or G.I. Joe figurines, but if you were able to find these items, then rest assured, someone else is out there looking for them too. Go check out any antique mall near you, or any outlet that sells the things you’re avidly collecting. You’re sure to find that there are lots of people out there who firmly believe there’s a market for those things. If they didn’t have this belief, they wouldn’t invest the money it costs to open a booth and sell those things. It’s got to be working for them.

Be careful you don’t over-accumulate things, or if you do, know your limits and sell the ones you don’t need. This is the gist of turning a passion of yours into extra cash. If you’re gonna be out there shopping anyway, why not make it something that pays you back?

Clean It Out!

Okay, it’s gonna get a little personal here, but just know this is said out of love. Sure, your collection of wooden bears is downright wonderful, and the teacups you’ve amassed are stunning, no doubt. But would you be willing to consider for a moment that in your attempt to collect beautiful things, you might actually be hiding the beauty you see in them by overstocking on them? Take a look at any Martha Stewart or Country Living magazine and you’ll see beautifully-set and decorated rooms, and they are not unlikely to feature some of the things you love so much. Take a closer look. You’re likely to see one or two of them. Not shelves stacked four rows deep. Remember, no one hates your collection of Disney Princesses, this is just tough love.

So, if you’re interested in collecting things and continuing to keep your home lovely at the same time, try turning the collections into passive income by selling some of the things you find (especially the ones that are being sold under their value, and you would know, because you are paying attention). Don’t turn into one of those hoarders we all watch on TV with sick fascination.

Clean it out. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things, yes, even the things that someone once gave you and you feel terribly guilty about selling. If you’re not enjoying having something in your home, don’t keep it there. If something doesn’t bring you joy, or you don’t use it, or never look at it, get it out of your house. You may realize one day that the reason you don’t have space for nice, new things in your life is because you are clinging to things that don’t bring you any joy at all.

If you decide to go the route of selling things, know your stuff. Be sure you know what it’s worth, what someone else will pay for it, and most importantly, the demand for such items. A relatively risk-free venue for selling your things is eBay. Open an account, snap some photos of your stuff, and see if it sells. Try it out and see. You’ve got nothing but a bit of clutter to lose and a passive income to gain.

Do you have an online site where your collection is up for grabs? Tell us about the types of things you sell. If you’ve tried this form of passive income making and failed, why do you think it failed? Share your thoughts with us!

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