Five Methods to Create Passive Income

Exposure to ubiquitous Internet hype is something we all experience. Who among us does not receive countless emails extolling the merits of this report or that system for creating a passive income stream? How many slick videos have you watched of Internet millionaires and gurus posed in front of their flashy cars, huge homes, or relaxing on their beachfront property promising you the same success they enjoy?

  • You can use this FREE report to make money online in under 48 hours, starting from scratch, even if you have zero experience.

○     Really? You CAN find such a thing as a free lunch? Damn! I should punch my ole man in the face.

  • A step-by-step system for generating at least $500 per day guaranteed!

○     Guaranteed! Well, hell then, why not sign right up? I’m sure it will be easy to get my money back if it doesn’t work out…won’t it?

  • Shocking video shows you how to make money from a coffee shop!

○     Wow! This is great! In my experience, every time I walked into a coffee shop, I spent money.

  • Your moneymaking website has been posted below for you to take action. We have already done the grunt work and spent our own money making sure this works for you along with our other 52,000 followers.

○     Is this a wonderful company or what! They have donated their time and money to create a website for me so that I can get rich. There is a god!

  • How I made $1,347,678.45 Quickly and Easily!

○     What an incredible human being. I am ashamed to tell you, if the tables were turned and I had the $1,347,678.45, the last place I would be is on the Internet showing everyone else how to do the same. I would be busy enjoying my cash…I am such a selfish bastard!

  • $1000 in 24 hours – Live on Video!

○     Cool…$365,000 a year! I want it!

  • It has come to our attention that you are a perfect candidate of this exclusive beta test.

○     I am, and you know this how?

Wait…Before You Go

After you click, read the bullshit and decide to move on, you are mired in the “wait before you go” cycle. Suddenly, what was a “gift” at $49 is now $39. You try to exit again and bam! The price has dropped to $19. Translation: You could not afford to be scammed for $49…so for how much can you be scammed?

Passive income, the Holy Grail, is responsible for generating more crap than the Chicago stockyards saw in its 106-year history. This begs the question, “Can a person actually generate passive income online?”

Honestly, I don’t know how to answer that. Fortunes have doubtless been made on the Internet. How many of these business models meet the definition for passive income is difficult to judge. The definition of passive income is income that does not require your direct involvement. Below, I list five methods that meet the definition.

1        Rental Property – Buy property, rent it out, and then sit back and collect the rent.

2        Write a Book – E-books are very hot now. Apple, Amazon, and other vendors are selling these like hot cakes. Write one, sit back, and collect every time someone buys a copy of your book.

3        Invent Something – Create the next “pet rock,” “chia pet,” or the like. License it to a manufacturer and collect on every sale.

4        Write a Software Application – The development of the smart phone has created a new world of opportunity for developers. Create a useful program for iPhone or Android phones and rake in the cash.

5        Write a Blog – Create a blog and collect money from advertisers. The more popular your blog becomes, the more money you will make.

There you have it, five ways to create a passive income. Of course, you could always opt to take those shortcuts that we discussed earlier. Maybe some of our readers have already taken advantage of these generous offers. If so, I hope you will be good enough to share your experiences and results with those of us who have been too timid to take the plunge.

Have you ever tried to generate passive income on or offline? Let us know how it went!

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