Passive Income With a Website

Have you ever thought about starting a website? As the years go by, building a webpage is just getting easier and easier, so there’s really no excuse to put it off any longer! We all know that nearly everybody is online – even your grandma, so why not try to capitalize on this massive market?

If you didn’t realize it already, the sites that attract the most visitors make the most money. Think about it. What is the current value of Facebook? I’m pretty sure it’s well over a billion dollars. What do they produce? Absolutely nothing! They just happen to attract a record number of users each day.

So, what if you could create a site that attracts a large number of people as well? After it was up and running, you could sit back, do nothing, and watch your money come pouring in! Of course, some sites are more passive than others. If you decided to start an online store, you’d probably be incredibly busy all the time! After all, you’d have to take the orders, receive the payment, send the product, and keep an eye on inventory, as well as many other reoccurring duties.

If you would like to create a passive income with a website, then I would suggest that you create a referral site. There are many entrepreneurs out there that just need a couple more gigs to stay alive. If they could post their business name to a website that is free on the front end, and only took a payment once they sold their services, they would be happy to sign up with your site!

Think about it. My wife is a photographer when she’s not working full-time at her day job. She gets a few referrals from friends, but it’s not nearly enough to support herself through photography alone. But, what if there was a site where she could post her credentials and some sample photos for free, and all of the web community could see her talent? She would most definitely jump at the opportunity! Once she was paid for her services, she would owe the site 10% for the referral fee. Not only would you help out a fellow entrepreneur, but you’d be making some passive income in the process!

What do you think of this passive income idea? Are you ready to start your referral website?

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