Make Money With a Blog and Create Passive Income

Do you currently own a blog? Or, have you thought about creating a blog recently? No matter who you are or what you do, everyone is capable of starting a blog online. The real question is, “Can you make money with a blog?” And, beyond that, could you make some passive income with a blog?

I first started blogging almost 2 years ago (time sure is flying!) because my wife and I wanted to move back to our home state of Michigan, and I heard that it was possible to make some online money with a blog. So, I registered for my first domain ( and started whipping out some articles for the world to see.

As many of you know, it can often take quite a while to make money online, and my site was no exception. Within the first 3 months I made a grand total of…. 6 bucks. Eventually though, after over a year of hard work, I started earning about $2,000 a month through a few different ventures, and I learned to make my earnings passive so that I could pursue even more money elsewhere online.

How Can You Start Earning Money With a Blog?

Just like any business in this world, you’ll need to have customers in order to earn an income. If you start a blog that nobody is ever going to care about, I can tell you right now that you’ll never earn more than a few pennies here and there.

Find a topic that is of high interest to others, has low competition, and is also interesting for you to write about. To find out which topic might be best for you to write about, and to earn money with, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Write out all of your topics of interest (skateboarding, filling out tax forms, or maybe re-upholstering couch cushions)
  • Open Google Keyword Tool and search each of your topics
  • Write down how much interest there is in each topic, as well as the competition
  • Sort your list by the highest interest and lowest competition
  • Select one of the top 3 on your list based on your interest in the topic
  • Get started!

Passive Income With a Blog

Not all bloggers are committed to their site’s success, but for those that are, they often spend long hours in front of their computer each day and see it as the only way for success. After my recent experiences with blogging, however, I know that it does not have to be time consuming, and the profits can still be tremendous!

I used to spend about 20 hours per week on my blog, which (along with my full-time job and a house project) proved to be quite a hand-full. The monetary rewards were great, but there wasn’t any time left to make an additional income. So, it was time to take turn my blog into a more passive income.

Within just a week, I was able to reduce my blogging hours to 10 a week (from 20), and it only cost me about 10% of my earnings. By freeing up this extra time, I’m now able to focus on some side projects that will earn back that 10% and more! So, not only did my income become more passive, but I’ll be earning more money!

Come back and read my next article where I go through the details of how I turned my blog into more of a passive income in just a few days.

Are you interested in earning a more passive income with your blog? Have you taken any action on this?

13 thoughts on “Make Money With a Blog and Create Passive Income

  1. I want to see your next post and know that how you have made a passive income through your blog. It will be very helpful to us. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I’ve started a blog too, Wonders of Kindle, and made 61 cents the first month, and 2.60 the second month! I’m not sure how to get more more $, and I hope you will provide us some insight in what you are doing to move your passive income into the thousands ! Very impressive!

    1. Hi Julie! Congrats on starting your first blog! The real answer is eyeballs! You need to get more eyeballs on your site. If you focus on nothing else, then the money will start coming your way anyway – because advertisers know that the more people that view a site, the better odds there are of having success by putting their ad on your site.

      1. Eyeballs… How do you get more? I’ve been cross-promoting on my various websites, facebook, and google+… some people mentioned blogging forums, can you (or anyone) elaborate on this?

        1. Make tons of comments on popular sites (that are related) and link your name to your URL. And, write some killer guest posts for some related (more popular) sites as well. These are the two best ways to get some instant (and sometimes long lasting) visitors. Also, focus on your SEO. It won’t get you more visitors tomorrow, but it will make a big impact in 6+ months!

  3. Thanks a lot for this useful information. I am looking forward to starting my own blog soon and the guidelines you have given will help me a great deal.

    1. Glad I could help Casper! There’s more to come on Monday (which will most definitely be the best part of the series)! 🙂

  4. Passive Income for me is the basic idea is that you build a system or business that keeps generating money for you on a monthly basis with little to no work from you after the initial setup. This means that you work hard to build your business to its full potential.

    1. Souns like you and I are on the same page. Stop by from time to time and let me know what you’ve done for your passive income!

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