Goals Update #17

Do you set specific goals for yourself? How are you doing on them so far? Some of my goals for 2012 are a bit lofty, but I bet that with a lot of hard work and consistency, I can achieve them all!

My Goals for 2012

This site is still pretty new, but I have some big plans for 2012!

  1. Be on the first page of Google for the searched phrase, “Passive Income”, and “Creating a Passive Income”
  2. Gain 250 subscribers
  3. Maintain a Page Rank of 3
  4. Have 40,000 visits to this site in 2012
  5. Earn $5,000 from this site alone

How Am I Doing So Far?

1) First Page of Google:

  • Last week, I ranked #3 with the keyword, “creating a passive income”, and #24 with “passive income”. This week, I had a pleasant surprise! I now officially show up in the #1 spot in Google for the key phrase, “creating a passive income”!!!! I couldn’t believe it. Sure, it was cool being on the first page, but to be the first on the list of page one is crazy! Hopefully I’ll start seeing a little jump in traffic from this big move. As for the keyword, “passive income”, I rank #21, which certainly isn’t bad. My next move is to hopefully get onto page 2 of the search results. 🙂

2) 250 Subscribers:

  • Last week I worked my way up to 170 subscribers, which was actually quite an accomplishment from the week prior. After another full week, I see that my subscriber numbers have increased yet again. They’re now at 189. I bet that I could break my yearly goal of 250 by the end of this month! 

3) Maintain a Page Rank of 3

  • Yep, still a PR3 and looks like I will be for quite a while longer. That’s ok with me!

4) Have 40,000 Visits

  • Since my keyword ranking has improved (and since I’m hosting a giveaway at http://lifeandmyfinances.com), I am starting to receive a little more traffic from the search engines, but it’s still not nearly enough. Since January, there have been 2,566 visitors at my site. This is ok, but it’s far from the magic 40,000 visits I’m looking for. I’m looking for this to continually pick up in the upcoming weeks and months.

5) Earn $5,000

  • Since January, this site has earned $861.96. Not too shabby.  It looks like I’m pretty well on track to hit my target goal of $5,000. I’m excited to watch this site develop and earn a decent income in 2012.
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2 thoughts on “Goals Update #17

  1. Nice work on the SEO progress. I need to focus more on SEO on some of my sites… but then again, it seems like it’s the articles that I don’t expect to rank well that usually perform the best.

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