Earn Passive Income with an Airboat

Have you ever seen an airboat? Typically, it is a 17 foot hunk of aluminum with a huge fan on the back (I refer to them as fan boats)! These boats were originally produced in 1905 to test various airplane engines and prop configurations, but later proved useful as a vessel. With the excessive power of the propeller and aircraft engine, combined with the flat-bottom structure of the boat, this is a mode of transportation that can almost take you anywhere!

Fan boats are great for hunting alligators in the Everglades, giving tours in various shallow water-beds, and can even be used on ice!

Passive Income With Allegator Tours

Alligators might not be your thing, but their very existence is a big money-maker for some! No, I’m not talking about those swamp people that eat gator meat, I’m referring to tours in the Everglades! Alligators have been around for a long time, and they attract the attention of many tourists that visit Florida each year. The real question is, “How much money is there in these airboat rides?”

Initial Expenses of the Airboat Business

In order to have an ‘alligator-spotting’ business in the Everglades, you’ll obviously need an airboat! I’ve searched around online, and I believe that you can find a pretty respectable boat for around $10,000.

Now the question is, ‘what does it take to fuel those airboats?’ The new boats actually run on regular unleaded fuel, and they burn about 5 gallons of gas each hour of run-time. At $4 a gallon, we can assume a $20 expense for each tour that lasts an hour.

General maintenance is always another valid concern, but these operations are actually somewhat simple, and the engine is easily accessible. We’ll assume only $100 a month for repairs.

If you’d like a guide to run your tours (to make it truly passive), this will run you another $12 a hour for 8 hours, 5 days a week (which comes to $1,920 every 4 weeks – we’ll say $2,000 a month).

Potential Income For the Tours

We’ll stick with the Everglades tours for our income numbers (although your tours will most likely yield the same income). The airboat can hold a maximum of 4 paying customers per tour, and we’ll assume that we always have full occupancy (since we aren’t running the tours every single day). Each ticket has an average cost per person of $50, which means $200 per tour.

If we’re able to book 5 tours per day, that’s $1,000! Do this for 4 solid months our of the year, and we’re looking at a potential income of $120,000.

Income Minus Expenses = Net Passive Income


  • 600 Tours at $200 = $120,000


  • Airboat = $10,000
  • Fuel ($20*600 tours) = $12,000/yr.
  • Tour Guide = $24,000/yr.
  • Maintenance = $1,200/yr.

Net Passive Income

  • $120,000 – $47,200 = $72,800 in Profits!!!

A Potentially Profitable Passive Income

Initially, this seemed like a pretty silly idea, but $72,800 of passive income in 4 months is definitely nothing to sneeze at! Who would have known that these operations were so lucrative?

Do you think that you’ll ever consider starting your own airboat tour business?

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