Passive Income With a Bus Tour

Do you have any friends that love to go on bus tours? I have a couple of relatives that often book a bus tour at least once a year. It’s a great way to see new things without having to worry about the travel. While these trips sound great and all, the question running through my mind is, “Who’s putting on these bus trips? And, how much money are the making per tour?” I bet there’s some good passive income to be made here, don’t you?

The Necessities

Not too many of us own buses at the moment, so the first thing we’ll have to check out are bus rentals. How much does it cost to rent a 56 passenger bus per day? According to my local online sources, it costs $825 to rent a charter bus in my area. You’ll also need an experienced bus driver. That’ll run you another $200.

In order to make this trip truly passive, you’ll also need to hire a tour guide who will direct everyone through the various sites along the way. This will cost you another $250.

Also, unless you’re going to show them a bunch of freebie sites and feed them nothing (which I wouldn’t recommend), I would assume that you’d have to spend at least $20 a person to make the trip enjoyable for everyone (this money will go toward lunch, mini-tours, and some small prizes). If we’ve got a full bus-load, that’s $1,120.

Finally, let’s not forget the gas on the trip. If the bus gets 6 miles per gallon, and we travel 100 miles, that’s another $600.

The Income

The only income on this trip is from the tickets that were sold to each individual. According to my research, a reasonable fee per ticket is about $85.

If we were able to muster up 56 people for the trip, our ticket sale income would total $4,760.

Did We Turn a Profit With This Passive Income Venture?


  • Ticket Sales = $4,760


  • Charter Bus = $825
  • Driver = $200
  • Tour Guide = $250
  • Attractions = $1,120
  • Gas = $600
  • Total Expense = $2,995

Net Income After Expenses = $1,765

That’s actually not too bad at all. Sure, you’d have to figure out a way to sell the tickets and plan the tour, but once that was done, the money is all yours, and you don’t even have to participate in the trip! If you want to make the trip even more passive, you could get one person to do all the leg-work for you, and then just give them a free ticket. It will be a great incentive for them to recruit their friends, and you’ll only be out $85! The income would truly be passive at that point too!

If you could repeat the success of this trip multiple times over, that could be quite a nice chunk of change in your pocket!

Would you ever consider putting a bus trip together? Why or why not?


8 thoughts on “Passive Income With a Bus Tour

    1. Yeah, renting a bus every trip would be pretty tough on the pocket-book. However, these beasts brand new are a fortune! You’d have to be pretty dedicated to get your money back.

  1. We do have two Van for Rent. And my husband and I are happy with the income we are getting. My husband and his brother drives it, so we are really confident that the vans are well maintained.

  2. I would be worried about finding the people to actually fill the seats on the tour. There could be some reoccuring advertising costs involved.

    1. It is a concern, Hank, but as I stated in the article, many times you can offer someone a free tour if they fill the seats. It’s a great incentive for them, and it’ll cost you less than $100! 😉

  3. Hello,
    I’m passionate about bus trips and have been trying to gather information on how to go about putting one together.
    I live in Canada and would welcome any assistance you maybe able to provide.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Mandy, Canada is a new world when it comes to bus trips. My first suggestion would be to start a business plan and go from there. If you research your costs on a bus itself, plus what it will cost to run run the business itself, such as a driver, what licenses and permits you will need then that needs to be your start. Good luck to you

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