Goals Update and Weekly Round-Up #8

Do you set specific goals for yourself this year? How are you doing on them so far? Some of my goals for 2012 are a bit lofty, but I bet that with a lot of hard work and consistency, I can achieve them!

My Goals for 2012

This site is still basically brand new, but I have some big plans for 2012!

  1. Be on the first page of Google for the searched phrase, “Passive Income”, and “Creating a Passive Income”
  2. Gain 250 subscribers
  3. Maintain a Page Rank of 3
  4. Have 40,000 visits to this site in 2012
  5. Earn $5,000 from this site alone

How Am I Doing So Far?

1) First Page of Google:

  • My rank was at #80 at one point. Now I drifted down to #132….. poop. I haven’t done a whole lot with this in the past 3 weeks though. I really need to add some pages to this site and learn a bit more on how to rank higher in Google. Watch for this number to extra awesome soon! It’s time to do some work!
  • The phrase “Creating a Passive Income” ranked #6 last week; today it’s ranked #5– I’m inching toward #1! I might be above the fold now! Perhaps I’ll get a few more visitors this week?! 🙂

2) 250 Subscribers:

  • I’m still at 13 subscribers this week, but I am running a $100 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway at Life And My Finances, so that should boost my numbers a bit.

 3) Maintain a Page Rank of 3

  • Well, the Google day of reckoning has come and gone, and guess what? I’m still a PR3! Once I increase my visitors and add some more content, this site is going to be worth some serious change!

4) Have 40,000 Visits

  • So far this year, I’ve had 939 visitors. To be honest, this number is pretty crappy and I was hoping things would start picking up by now. Once I increase my SEO, these numbers should get a little bit better. I’m really going to focus on that this week and hopefully report a much better number in the near-future.

5) Earn $5,000

  • You may have noticed that I recently put up some CPC ads on the sidebar – so far, these ads have yielded me a whopping $0.29! That’s alright though, I really don’t plan on making any serious money until April or May. Anything that happens before then is just a bonus.
  • So far, I’m really enjoying the site and can’t wait to explore more avenues of passive income. I think through all of these articles, there could be a great book emerging as well!

Weekly Round-Up

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    1. I didn’t share it on this site, but since you are a member of the 30k challenge, you can check it out in the forums at OMB. Many people benefited from the info with the last PR update! 🙂

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