Musical Money: How to Make Money From a Musical Hobby

Hobbies are activities done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. Although people’s hobbies are usually for leisure, some people try and make money off them. In fact, musical hobbies are the easiest types of hobbies to make money off, which is why it doesn’t feel like a job. Here are some few easy ways to make money from a musical hobby.Continue Reading

The Degree Dilemma: Levels of Education VS Insurance Rates

Many people have heard of this degree dilemma. However, it may be surprising to some members of the general public to learn exactly what this means. Essentially, it means that anyone who has a four year degree is much more likely to pay less for their car insurance than those who are currently in college or who have no college education. There are various reasons why insurance companies do this, but it really comes down to their attempt to judge their level of risk with a particular client. If they believe a client to be at low risk for having a car accident, insurance rates are lower. Conversely, they charge higher rates for those that they believe have a higher chance of being involved in a car accident.Continue Reading

Money at the Movies: 10 Movies on Finance Worth Watching

Money is a common topic in several famous films and documentaries. Here are 10 movies made about finance, which are actually worth your time to watch.
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