10 Jobs Requiring No Experience and How to Get Them

In today’s world landing a job has become more and more difficult, especially for those with little or no experience. However, there are still plenty of jobs available offering on-the-job training, excellent salaries and benefits. Whether a recent high school graduate or a stay-at-home mom looking to re-enter the workforce, there are plenty of opportunities available that are anything but dead-end jobs.

Delivery Driver

For those looking for jobs requiring no experience and how to get them, some of the best places to look are delivery companies. Both national and local companies often have jobs available with flexible schedules, paid training and advancement opportunities. A good driving record and customer service skills can be the start of a great career with these companies.

Garbage Collector 

While not glamorous, it’s one job that’s always in demand. Offering stability and the chance for a paid workout, these jobs require passing a physical and performing heavy lifting. Most localities advertise these jobs regularly, so checking local government employment listings is a good idea.

Security Guard

If protecting others sounds intriguing, this can be a great career choice. A high school diploma is required, along with passing a drug test and having a clear criminal record. Inquiring to private security companies is how many people begin these careers.


For those who love the nightlife, bartending can be an interesting career. There are many bartending schools across the country, and attending one can often lead to employment opportunities with upscale clubs and restaurants.

School Bus Driver

When looking for jobs requiring no experience and how to get them, people wanting to combine their love of kids and driving can become school bus drivers. School systems report vast shortages of drivers and offer paid training, insurance and paid holidays off.

Real Estate Agent

A good job for adults re-entering the workforce, this career requires completing a 60-hour training course and passing a state licensing exam. These jobs offer the great money-making potential for little education and experience.

Oilfield Worker

These jobs offer the chance to travel the world while making good money. If working outdoors while earning a good salary sounds good, applying with an oil company such as Exxon can lead to a rewarding job.

Satellite Television Installer

Having the good mechanical ability and customer service skills can translate into a career installing satellite television systems. With on-the-job training provided, contacting a cable or satellite company is recommended.

Card Dealer

If someone loves non-stop action, then working for a casino as a card dealer can be a fun career. Most offer paid training, and some will even send employees to casino dealing schools. A high school diploma and attention to detail are required for most jobs.

Library Technician

If a quiet setting is more to one’s liking, working as a library technician can be a stable career choice. Ordering books and helping patrons are just some parts of the job. Having a high school diploma is required, and contacting local libraries can lead to exciting opportunities.

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