The Political Pull: How Political Decisions Can Affect Your Finances

Despite the fact newly emerging entrepreneurs of small businesses think of themselves as exerting independence, at some point they must come to realize that the financial success of their small business is subject to the political environment of their intended operation and that their aspiring efforts for financial success are greatly affected by political decisions. In addition to self-preparedness, business savvy and being equipped with a well developed business plan, pursuing small business dreams of acquiring financial success entails determining whether political decisions will support or end those dreams. Newly engendered small business aims trying to balance the demands of time needed for product branding and establishing a growing customer base, while maintaining adherence to required financial and regulatory compliance, can be overwhelming.Continue Reading

The Aggression Route: A Financial Strategy

Anybody who was not born rich has at some point in their lives been told by somebody else that they need to save a little bit of money from each of their paychecks so that they can be rich when they retire. The only problem with this, slow and passive strategy, is that nobody in their right mind thinks that it is better to be rich decades from now, rather than to be rich in the present. Everybody knows this, but many people stick with a passive investment style just because it’s safe, or because they don’t want to do any research that will help them make more money from investments. If a person does not mind doing some work, and wants to become wealthy while they are still young enough to fully enjoy their wealth, then they need to switch to an aggressive investment strategy. Continue Reading

Staying Organized: Your Financial Checklist

It might be overwhelming thinking about where to begin to stay organized and keep the financial aspect of a person’s life in order. Using a step by step process will make it a more manageable transition and rewarding experience for everyone involved (i.e. a spouse, family, etc.). When reorganizing the finances it is also the perfect time to refresh any goals, set new priorities and thoroughly review the finances. Take time to learn more about the attitudes everyone shares regarding finances, be sure to resolve any differences, and open the door to family discussions about how to handle money responsibly. Continue Reading

Life Logic: How to Switch Careers

A young adult or professional may contemplate how to to switch careers many times in life. Changes can be made in the educational phase or at times it’s just a personal choice within fields. There are even times one may choose to make a decision long after the start of one’s career necessitated by situational or economical factors. Statistically speaking, the average adult will change jobs at least ten times during their lifetime, so it is very safe to assume several of those jobs will also be a change in career. Common sense, planning, and self awareness can help expedite the process and avoid major catastrophes. Continue Reading